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  • if i was flying over water, one of these would be the ticket . to scared to use a non waterproofed quad over waster
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    Yes it was fresh water and after drying electronics i think all electronics survived on that.


    It looks like he ran out of power on battery. Tris, Quads, Hexas etc usually behaves like that when battery is running out. So be sure that you always have some reserves on the battery when landing. It is usually gyros/accelerometers that fails on low power situation. Sometimes it can be your ESC too but mainly it's your flight electronics that becomes unstable.


    Nice catch thou... :)

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    We are probably talking about fresh water here, so there is a good chance most of the electronics and motors will be fine after drying out. Fresh water actually does not damage electronics at all as long as there is no current running.  Sea water is another story..
  • totally awesome.

    can  someone tell us what could have been recovered ?


    i guess that with an automatic off system that would have turn the power off in water, there would be quite some chances to save the electronics after drying....

    sounds like the ESCs have survived..


    well great, you've now put a bit more fear on me about flying over water...

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    Wow! Crappy situation, but couldn't ask for a cooler ending!
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