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  • indeed VERY nice , also would be a simple kit.other than the winglets the same cord on the wing ,and the tube just cut it to length.simple which is great !
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    We like simple, although you can tell lots of thought has gone into that, simple looking results often hide good design, did you put the top of the tailplane back to make it less short coupled?? Thats probably the best looking SPAD that I have seen ;-) any shots with the wingtips on??
  • Hey Garris,
    Convey my best complimets to Reed, he is also looking great while holding such a nice plane !
    Hou will you achieve this approximate 144km per hour speed ?
    It is really amazing to know that you plane will have endurance to fly for around 2 hours.
    Add some writeup in your blog about what kind of propulsion you will use.

    Cheers !

  • 100KM
    @ Sarel
    sorry man ,closed source no can do . but if you need any XFLR5 tips feel free to ask.
  • 100KM
    no that is Greg Reed, I took the shoot . CF tail, boom and nacelles,kevlar fuse tube and nose . wing is molded glass with CF I beam spar . top speed will be ~ 90 knots with 14lbs static thrust . at 10 lbs it will fly for 2 hours. flight testing starts this weekend weather permitting.
  • Wayne,

    Any chance that I can get your XFLR5 file, there is some comparison I'd like to do with my Open UAV design. I

    Sarel Wagner
  • that's a really cool design...
  • Hey Garris, nice plane !
    Is it you holding the plane ?
    What is the flight performance ?
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