Turn Rate Limiter Shield Preview

This is the first working version of turn rate limiter starting beta testing now!For those not familiar, this is a project aimed at providing a cheap, easy to use shield for beginners. It only requires this board and the ArduPilot main board to fly the plane, very simple!

I got only a mild version of Jordi fever, only the pressure sensor was affected :D

That gyro is so small!!!
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  • 3D Robotics
    We've moved on to full IMU autopilots, even at entry level. You can make them as cheaply and small as a turn-rate limiter these days. Look for announcements in Q2 this year.
  • Jeff,

    Is this now the ArduPilot EZ?   If so what is status of the project.


  • Last I talked to Chris this project has sort of been mothballed. Is it something you're still interested in even with the oilpan now in full production?
  • Jeff,

    What is the latest on this project?
  • Sam,
    As Chris suggested, we are swapping out the airspeed sensor and replacing it with an integrated USB receptacle. We're hoping this will make it more accessible to beginners since it won't require an FTDI cable and will eliminate the need for soldering a jumper for the throttle servo.
  • Jeff, How about an update on the progress of the Turn Rate Limiter Shield.
  • Moderator
    This will just fit perfectly in my UAV platform as a UAV-kit.
    Can't wait.

  • hi
    if you could use the fma copilot who stabilization?
    make a similar setup that existed in ver 1 of the code to arupilot.
    but that code is able to RTL and Waypoint?
  • Doug, I've filled in those two spots based on the comments in the code, thanks!

    Chris, you bring up some good issues. We'll have to discuss them at more length.
  • 3D Robotics

    I've been thinking about what the best, simplest out of the box experience would be for newbies. What do you think about ditching the airspeed sensor (the PicoPilot, which is the closest product to this, doesn't have one) and replacing it with a FTDI chip and mini USB connector, so the entire ArduPilot would be USB native?

    I think we'd save a few bucks and people wouldn't have to fiddle with pitot tubes. This would come at the cost of throttle control, of course, but that would also spare them having to solder a jumper wire on the bottom of the ArduPilot board, which is also a barrier to entry for newcomers.
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