Turn Rate Limiter Shield Preview

This is the first working version of turn rate limiter starting beta testing now!For those not familiar, this is a project aimed at providing a cheap, easy to use shield for beginners. It only requires this board and the ArduPilot main board to fly the plane, very simple!

I got only a mild version of Jordi fever, only the pressure sensor was affected :D

That gyro is so small!!!
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  • a shield is a board that simply plugs into another board mainly a processor board. So it can have other sensors and things on it.
  • Hi,

    The term "shield" is not in the glossary. I guess it means the same as "turn rate limiter". And again i guess the purpose of such a device is to limit the maximum variation speed of any command (gas, pitch, roll, or yaw).

    Am I even close ?
  • Developer
    Maybe hand solder the pressure sensor?
  • 3D Robotics
    Sweet! BTW, this is one of the first DIY Drones devteam efforts to work with a team of volunteers via the Huddle workspace. Jeff led that effort and did a great job navigating tricky stuff like the GPS groundplane size and configuration...
  • hi.
    it looks good.
    when will it be released.
    and what will it cost?

    thanks in advance
  • Moderator
    Cool, good plan!
  • Developer
    You are fashion man!
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