TurniDrone 9x

Hi to all drones community.
I would like to present here my TurniDrone 9X transmitter. It's alloy of ideas of two clever guys - Mike Blandford and Alexey Kozin. Mike is developer of er9x and voice mode in particulary, Alexey is inventor of flight modes switch. This one allow to jump from one flight mode to each other without trespassing others modes, when combination of two switches (2pos and 3pos) is used. I'm sorry about Emily english voice engine - it isn't so human and realistic as Alyona russian voice, which I use for myself. However, for understand an idea, Emily gave its better... So, it's a video


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  • Yeah I checked it out but I want to make my own board for this kind of thing. So I need help for that.

  • I have since found another simpler form of switch from good luck buy (e-bay) It has six push buttons and provides 6 modes.  Amm still fiddling with it because all the info is in Chinese. Google APM Flight Controller Flight mode Switcher Selector Board V2  (Item 110199 on good luck buy).

  • hey

    Nice work done by you. Looking for similar project. Do you have the code to be written on andruino pro mini for this project? also need a proper circuit diagram. It will be very helpful if you will provide this to me


  • As usual not being an IT expert, I bought what I thought was the base unit for the switch. What I got back was a Pro.mini.328P which has compleltly different markings at each hole that the build shows. As far as I can find from the net the markings do the same things but may be different marks..As usual, I'm out of my depth and wonder if any one has a build log for this switch showing where the wire, switches go etc.

  • Да не за что ;-))) Web is for everyone, we live here...

  • Спасибо Romushock! :)

  • Hi, Kamu, it isn't "circular button", but a rotary encoder. All info is here.

    Good luck;-))

  • Very cool.

    I see you replaced the menu navigation buttons with a circular button! Could you give more details on that, please?

  • 2 Robert: as for me, Turnigy 9x is a great platform for experiments. Enought to give one sight on web, what a skillful people can do with it.

    2 Darren: I would like to substituite sticks pots to magnetic encoders, but... I'm not electronic engineer, and Mike haven't a time...

  • 1 of the best mods i have seen . well done .

    whats next   to modified  ?

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