Turnigy 9XR APM Arducopter/Arduplane radio settings


These 9XR radios are pretty popular because they are cheap and have lots of features, which is attractive to newbies and veterans alike. But they are not "plug and play", they have setup menus that are daunting. This would also apply to a 9X, Taranis or TH9X...maybe other radios with ER9X or OpenTX.

I have the menu's for a 9XR with PPM receiver (Rangelink) to an APM. This diagram is for an ArduCopter setup. At my site I have further explanation and ArduPlane setup details.


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  • Hello, i have followed your setup, i am using dragonlink v2 with turnigy 9xr and seems like the PPM is not working - if i connect anything to channel 4 then its moving it (instead of the 12 CH for ppm).

    - PPMSIM and TRainer are ON on transmitter.

    - The DL is connected via the futaba trainer cable to the transmitter.

    my original post is here:



  • yep!

  • Can these settings also apply to the Pixhawk or the PX4?

  • Thanks guys this is very helpful.

  • Yea, my setup works fine. It hits the center of all 6 modes exactly. All radios are a bit different so our numbers wont be the same.

  • FULL is nice because it's easy to understand.  And actually, I don't understand how your mix works.  After putting that mix on my transmitter, I get the following microsecond values (as read in Mission Planner radio calibration):

    Switches: Desired center / your configuration / my configuration

    00: <1230 / 1240 / 1158

    01: 1295 / 1374 / 1291

    02: 1425 / 1502 / 1425

    10: 1555 / 1502 / 1548

    11: 1685 / 1635 / 1681

    12: >1750 / 1763 / 1813

    It seems like your switch positions should select modes 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6 rather than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as desired.  Are you able to select Flight Mode 1?  If so, do you have some trim on some channel that we're somehow not seeing>?  And that middle mix of 0% HALF ID2 isn't doing anything -- deleting it won't change the channel output at all under any switch configuration.  And those last two mixes are fighting each other; the combination of -13% HALF AIL and 64% HALF AIL is exactly the same as 51% HALF AIL.

  • cool, I like to learn more than one way to skin a cat. :)

  • It does work -- try it out and check the values in the Mission Planner radio calibration screen.  The last one has no switch assignment because it's a static offset; it adds a certain number of microseconds to all configurations.  Here are all possible switch configurations and their results where each configuration is AIL, ID:

    00: 10%

    01: 10%+13%=23%

    02: 10%+26%=36%

    10: 10%+38%=48%

    11: 10%+38%+13%=61%

    12: 10%+38%+26%=74%

    Just a binary/trinary counter with the right spacings.

  • Benjamin

    I don't see how your setup could work. The last one has no switch assignment.
    With my setup you get 6 positions out of the "AUX 3" and "AIL D/R" switches.
  • Looks good except your CH5 mix seems a bit complicated -- here's what I set up to get all values within 10 microseconds of the center of the 130 microsecond windows for each mode:

    13% FULL ID1
    26% FULL ID2
    38% FULL AIL
    10% FULL
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