Turnigy 9XR Pro Transmitter Released


The Turnigy 9XR Pro has been released by HobbyKing.  I've been beta testing it, and it seems like a pretty good radio.  Here's a couple of pages of information I put together on it, including a video tutorial done in cooperation with the development team.

It's based on the much-admiredSky9x board which has been discussed here before.  I'm excited to see another er9x based radio on the market.  It's fully open sourced, ARM Cortex M3 based, and has all the nifty features you would expect.  It has several open connection sets on the board, and was designed by skynorth to be open to hardware hacking as well as software hacking.

It's interesting to see how much open source development is moving to ARM.

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  • HK Turnigy 9xr Pro ---> ** on sale for 50USD now on CyberSale**!!!

    For those who already have  DJT module and receivers, like me, it is very tempting to have this one as a secondary Tx (I already have a Taranis, 220USD including X8R RX).   I was wondering, if I installed OpenTX on the 9XR PRO, how different would it be in terms of capability, to OpenTX on Taranis?  Will the comment on Mavlink still hold true? thanks

  • Never mind. Posted before I checked. :embarrassed: Looks like Brent's been involved in this one since ground zero. Good on ya, HK.

    I believe the Sky9Xx board was also 12-bit ADC resolution just like the Taranis, right?


  • Mmmmhmmm.

    Close to being a "Taranis Lite". They need to include choice of a FRSky or ORX TX Module at that price for it to be attractive against the Taranis with built-in FRSky module and Hardcase at $175. If it's still 10-bit resolution like the 9XR, not even playing in the same city, much less ballpark.

    If they offer the mainboard as parts, I'll be interested in that though... as long as Brent is actually getting something back out of all his hard work on the ER9X board, and they aren't just jacking his designs. Poor guy lost a fortune on the Sky9x, which really was the "Taranis V 0.1".


    *CPU timed out*

  • Price enhanced is very high as compared to features enhanced in electronics. Not much people will buy.

  • it really doesn't matter if u use taranis or 9xr openlrsng modules can be used as telemetry modems very successfully. the deal with 9xr is that the vanilla openTX can understand mavlink  and pick the needed telemetry values out of it to display on the screen, while taranis flavor of openTX needs telemetry in its s.port or the older analogue frsky format. As soon as I manage to load the gitsly branch (very good for mavlink) onto my DTF UHF delux (board 6) (all other boards work no problem) module I will try to use Rolf Blomgren's teensy3.1 code to translate mavlink coming out of Tx(ground) module into the s.port format and feed this to Taranis. The maintrunk openlrsng by kha supports mavlink but at 9200 baud, 19200 yields too much lost packets. 

  • Did you now that the Taranis is also pretty completely community-developed? :)
  • 100KM

    Artem, having the option to use a OLRS for rc control and APM telemetry is quite appealing to me. (something that has been promised on the RFD900 for some time now) You mention it is easier in the 9XRPro. Has it been done on the Taranis?

    Stefan, I agree. From a feature set and perceived quality perspective, the 9XRPro seems to be priced too close to a comparably equipped Taranis. Still, the development team working on the 9XRPro seems quite good and very engaged in the RCG thread. Also the hardware seems to have been designed for easy expansion and modding. That should mean continued development and ever expanding capabilities. Comparing as-shipped features may not tell the whole story. That's what makes open source projects so interesting.

  • The general limit for license free operation on 433 MHz in the EU is 10 (ten!) mW. A few countries (UK) allow more on some frequencies but in general, it's 10mW

  • I think the only  + of 9xr for apm users is ability to natively understand mavlink. with taranis mavlink needs to be translated to frsky s.port first. it works really well and relatively easy to mod 9xr to receive mavlink from openlrsng. also dtf uhf has a 1w Rx, so a long range bidirectional serial and RC control via the same hardware is defiantelly possible. 

    @hugues, I recall you could use a single 433mhz link in EU?  1w  at both ends... gives both UHF RC control and bidirectional telemetry.  

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  • MR60

    Thx Stefan for the comparison, interesting.

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