Turnigy 9XR Pro Transmitter Released


The Turnigy 9XR Pro has been released by HobbyKing.  I've been beta testing it, and it seems like a pretty good radio.  Here's a couple of pages of information I put together on it, including a video tutorial done in cooperation with the development team.

It's based on the much-admiredSky9x board which has been discussed here before.  I'm excited to see another er9x based radio on the market.  It's fully open sourced, ARM Cortex M3 based, and has all the nifty features you would expect.  It has several open connection sets on the board, and was designed by skynorth to be open to hardware hacking as well as software hacking.

It's interesting to see how much open source development is moving to ARM.

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  • Just to explain why i would still buy the Taranis...: It still has a JR module bay in addition to the internal XJT and you can use both at the same time, theoretically using 24 channel! So, no need to mothball your D-series module :).

  • Oh, ok - missed that. But then the 9XR pro is still - what - only $10-$15 cheaper (if at all) in the whole? For that difference I'd still buy a Taranis and have a superior system. And FrSky has a proven quality track record. Hobby King - not so much...

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    Nice run down Stefan. The only thing I'd mention is a $174 Taranis does not include a RX. ($185 now at Aloft) I think if someone is starting from scratch or does not already have FrSky gear, the cost difference does not favor the 9XRPro. If someone just wants most of the capabilities (and a couple more) of a Taranis but are happy with their D-series FrSky module/rx's, the 9XRPro can be a great value.
    I am as much or more interested in the hackability of both. I would be interested in seeing a comparison of some of the hack-enabling features of both platforms.
    One thing I have been watching is a project using 2 HK OrangeLRS tx's for rc control and APM telemetry. I am curious if that telemetry can then be displayed/alarmed/logged within the 9XRPro as well as transmitted to a nearby GS through bluetooth.

  • Can you summarize the difference between 9XRpro and the 9XR?

  • There's a lot of places carrying the taranis now, you do have to look around to find one in stock.... But helibatics seems to be able keep them in stock.  Better gimbals and generally an all around upgrade vs the 9XR pro.  

  • Hugues:

    • 9XR pro has less switch positions than Taranis (still the old 9X switch and pot pattern, while Taranis has more switches and many of them 3Pos)
    • Taranis has 4 pots vs. 3 in the 9XR pro
    • Pretty much the same software (OpenTX and ER9X are almost identical) with a few better things in the Taranis, e.g. RX locking to model
    • Taranis has a bigger display and (IMHO) more intuitive UI (buttons)
    • About the same price (9XR pro is actually a bit more expensive - Hobby kind prices)
      • Taranis: $174 incl. TX module, RX, battery, charger
      • 9XR pro: $99 TX, $73 XJT + RX, $xx battery, $yy charger
    • Taranis is hard to get - FrSky can't cope with the demand, so it's pretty much all the time out of stock everywhere

  • I am (quite happily) still using my decades old Futaba FP-T8AUF.  It has needed a few mods and repairs, but it does the job well and it is familiar to my touch. I have had my eye on the Taranis for a while now though, and an upgrade is imminent.

    In your opinion, how does the Turnigy 9XR Pro compare to the FrSky Taranis in terms of build quality and aesthetic?  How do the gimbals compare?  Are there any features, functions, ports I will miss by opting for the cheaper 9XR Pro over the Taranis?

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    What's more or less versus Taranis on this radio ? Is there a feature and price comparison somewhere?

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