Turnigy G10 Outrunner - Hair Dryer & Thrust test

Motor: Turnigy G10 810kv

ESC: Turnigy dlux 55A SBEC

Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 5000mah 4S1P

Prop: EPP1245 CF SF

I was expecting around 1.6kg of thrust per motor. My platform weighs about 5-6kg.
1.6 x 8 = 12.8kg for a 6kg platform is fine. With a 12x45 prop, im getting 2.4kg per motor.
I think I might have to add some weaponry or perhaps build a small cockpit for my cat!

Thanks to Karla for allowing me to test the "blow your hair back" factor.


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  • Hmm. Now I know that my hairdryer is actually a ducted fan. He actually bought me a telescope for Christmas. A big ducted fan would make a cool copter..

  • @Ellison: She already has a "ducted fan" but it doesnt produce much thrust. Only enough to dry her hair.

    I wasnt worried about a few grams, but good point :)

  • I think you need to also put the battery on the scale and then zero it.  Otherwise you loose a few grams from the tension in the wire.

  • Karla, did he get that for you, as a Christmas gift?  Tell him to get you a ducted fan next year.

  • Thanks Guys. I had 15 seconds of fame :) I really didn't think it would pull like that.

  • Strong heroine.  Not many American heroines could hold it back.

  • sorry mate :)

  • @Allan: :)

  • sorry Gareth i was to busy admiring Karla didn't see your test :)

  • Intersting, i was eyeing a digital scale to do some thrust vs. current use testing different props for my setup. Glad to see it works!
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