This little gem is great for unexperienced fixed-wing pilots and people who fly fpv. The T1000FC auto pilot system with GPS is an in-line flight stabilizing system that offers auto level, tilt angle limits and return to home functionality for conventional aircraft (fixed wing, delta, etc... excluding multicopters and heli's).

Key features:

  • autopilot mode (auto levels and does not let the aircraft roll or pitch past 45 degrees)
  • 3D mode for sport flying
  • Flight mode (stabilization off)
  • Fixed high direction mode (heading hold)
  • altitude hold mode (this will maintain the aircraft's altitude)
  • GPS return to home

The above features can be set by the flick of a 3-position switch on your transmitter


  • Barometer
  • GPS
  • Smart PID control


Comes with GPS, tool to set home position and a manual.


The price of this auto pilot is US$ 70.14. Details and a video available on the Hobbyking website.

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  • Hi everybody. I hope someone will be able to help me with a little problem I have with my Turnigy t1000. I Mounted it on my mini talon and set it up as per instruction. The v tail mixing works fine if you use the controller but when it comes to checking if it stabilizes by tilting and rolling the model something funny happens. Rolling it causes the ailerons to respond correctly to the movements but as soon as you pitch the nose up or down, instead of the elevators moving only the rudder moves ie. nose up\ rudder left or right, not up and down.
    Also if you yaw the model the rudders does not respond at all to any movements. I dont know if this makes any sense to anyone. I tried swapping wires position on both the rx and the auto pilot. The result is now I cant fly with it that way because the moment you let go of the controls to allow the auto pilot to take over you have no elevator control and instead of correcting for up or down it causes the model to yaw left or right. Any one experienced similar issues or did I end up with another bum auto pilot. any help or input will be greatly appreciated.

  • Does any one have a set of instructions for the Turnigy T1000FC Auto Pilot System With GPS and Return To Home.That an

    American speaking English and no Chinese broken English can under stand. I can't make this thing even respond. I hook it up and the lights blink and all that and they change when I flip the switch I've assigned to the auto pilot (Center plugin) and  the servos don't even move when i move the sticks ..... The damn instructions don't even say what voltage this thing is  compatible of using. I'm running it in a 2 cell LIFE 700 MAH battery thrugh a regulater that puts out 5.8 volts.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

  • @Crispin

    I agree that it would be great to see more shielded sensor cables with robust plugs able to stand up to abuse for the 3DR autopilots. The NAZA cables are also an example of nice shielded cables and durable connections. Perhaps we can add this to the wish list for the next Pixhawk?

  • Moderator

    @TBD, good points... I think this unit is targeted more towards people who want some flight assist (e.g. FPV, aerial photographers) rather than people wanting autonomous flight capabilities.  For these people, it's probably a nice match in a package that doesn't have a lot of extra learning/effort associated with it.

    It's also got someGuardian-like features for learning 3D flight which look pretty interesting.  I doubt that will overlap with the FPV uses. :-)

  • Me, I'm new to all this, but I'd still rather have a full fledged system that can do everything rather than being handicapped. whats the point of baby steps if your maximum output is still only learning to crawl? I'd rather learn to crawl on my way to learning how to run. I've probably learned more from your guys' commentary than I would by buying the thing. Or that's just how I see it.
  • Admin

    Ok,  we are all good then :)


  • No one is 'crying' Morli. What a weird thing to say.

  • Admin

    For 69.13  ,  you don't get to mod the F/W, tweak electronics etc.  This  type of HK stuff is never meant for any serious UAV research ,  it is for bigginers to get their hands wet into UAV world without needing a laptop and interface cable+software + brains etc. If  It is/does what it is suppose to do 60-80% of times then be happy,  stop  crying.   Want  more stuff then shell more.

  • Hey guys I do not see any pots on the controller only channel normal & reverse "holes" and an description under the product page that states "• Smart PID control leaving the adjustment to the flight controller".

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