Tweaked standard 3DR quad


overall top view


gopro mount instead of battery holder


arms are sealed with (color matched) tape, one motor mount hole is used for positional lights


escs, homemade pdb and power module are hidden between center plates. rear standoffs together with power, light and pwm cables are covered with heatshrink tube .


top view, on the left side is the light controller


all electronics are affixed to a plate, damped and covered with a cd case


battery power connector fixed to arm with doublesided tape and ziptie

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  • try this QR brain 4 in one ESC on 3DR quad. it fits very well between the two plates. it makes a great difference which i do not know how. the quad does not moves laterally even in manual mode3692901136?profile=original

  • I'm like cd bulk box head =)

  • Developer

    I like the propellers.  They look similar to the Graupner props that Dave C put on his copter that won last year's AVC.  DaveC's was also at it's heart a 3dr quad but seriously pumped up with high kv Tiger motors, those props, 4S battery and a couple of other bits.

  • The telemetry antenna is one thing i really want to do differently, on a similair design i couldnt make the escs significantly hot, so im assuming this wil be ok. The battery goes above the escs and under the electronics.

  • MR60

    Clean build but I see at least three potential weaknesses:

    -where do you put the battery?

    -your telemetry antenna is horizontal and burried in cables and electronics which is is optimal to say the least

    -your ESC s are burried internally and on top of each other so the heat cannot dissipate

  • Looks very clean and should work fine.

    APM height offset doesn't really make much difference accel or gyro wise, but from a wind / gust or relative wind standpoint it would be better to have the enclosure lower and a compass-GPS on a mast.

  • As long as it works =). You could have simply purchased the external Mag with GPS and had it higher up.

  • it was lower, but due to magnetic interference i had to put it higher. now the motormot returns 4%. i flew it shortly and it looked ok. any experience with apm that high?

  • The APM looks overly high above the CG, it looks problematic. Otherwise, look good.

  • T3

    Very clean design.

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