Two planes and one pilot ?



yes, I did it : pilot two planes at the same time :p



The main plane is a FunCub equipped with UavDevBoard and on board tracking video camera.

The second plane is a stock EasyStar, carrying another UavDevBoard, only to send its position.

I took off with the FunCub and put it in autonomous mode. Me having in my hands two RC transmitters, my son kindly launched for me the EasyStar and I drove it all the flight long.

The hardest part was try to stay in the camera turret range. The FunCub speed is set to 50km/h, but even at this speed it is a challenge to follow it and stay in front, with a fully stock EasyStar.

At the end of the flight (FunCub autonomy), my son asked to land his plane :)

I landed the FunCub.


Many thanks to Bill Premerlani, Ben Levitt and Pete Hollands for great continuous support and all the smart UavDevBoard community ...


Best regards,



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  • Hi Bill,

    you are too much kind !

    Formation flying : you for sure don't know boredom ;D

    I will be pleased to work with you again, you are a continuous example for me.

    Best regards,



  • T3

    Hi Ric,

    Thanks for posting your progress. You are "aces". I look forward to working with you to implement formation flying.

    Best regards,


  • now could you set this up for a stalk and evade kind fo like exersize for a antidrone drone program"?


  • Great idea, Simonl, thanks !
  • Inspirational - nice work. (hmmm, solo "dogfighting" anyone?!)
  • Thanks Ric,


    This is awesome, I'm hoping to squeeze a UAVDevboard into a mini skywalker so this will be fun to try!

  • Davey,
    the target plane send its position to the tracking plane via Xbee.
    The code is in the last featured code (MatrixPilot 3.1,
    You have to set the target UavDevBoard code in


    here in the code:

    and the tracking plane code


    here in the code

    Best regards,

  • Riccardo,


    Can you provide more technical details on how this is working? Is this a code mod or a standard part fo UAV DevBoard? How do the planes commuicate? etc etc!


    Any info appreciated!

  • directly between the two planes, Michael.


  • Developer
    was the targetting relayed via the ground, or was it just between the 2 planes
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