U|g|CS 2.2 is out



U|g|CS 2.2 is out. Several nice features from our backlog have been implemented. Here is a list of changes:

• Implemented support of multiple map layers
• WMS map provider now supports ESPG:4326 projection
• Telemetry player now displays commands that were sent to vehicle
• Route segment can be deleted by pressing "DEL" key on keyboard
• Added energy saving functionality for Notebook users
• Added demo missions containing most important functions
• Improved overall client performance in comparison to v.2.1
• Added camera trigger action for DJI based vehicles
• Client will now automatically check if a new version is available

• Coordinate input improved in U|g|CS client
• Home location functionality fixed for DJI based vehicles
• Fully tested and supported ArduCopter version 3.2
• Fixed take-off action problems for DJI based vehicles
• Added Ubuntu 14.10 support
• Fixed ArduCopter based vehicle POI action on circles
• Fixed button for minimizing all windows open in U|g|CS client

To upgrade from 2.1 get 2.2 and start the installation process.

Stay tuned!

U|g|CS Team

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  • Hi Euan,
    we failed to find place where still displayed m/s after UgCS units mode has switched to English.
    Could you remember where you saw this?


  • Yes, I spotted this, but it still refers to m/s in some areas. Would be good to see mph/kph.


    The feature to suggest the best drone for use would be really good, especially if you can include battery capacity into the profiles.

  • Hi,

    I can't say that UgCS has rocket speed on "old" laptops, but I use UgCS on old MacBook with 2GB of memory. UgCS works good enough already, and we constantly work on performance. Every new version will have better performance.

    We need to attach drone profile to route because when we calculating route we need to know drone parameters. And in new release we will implement different route primitives and "hints" for different types of drones. For example we will support splined waypoints for Ardu, bank turns for DJI and so on. 

    Thank you for your suggestins, I have some comments:

    - splined waypoints will be implemented very shortly

    - we are going to display travelled route but little bit later

    - offline maps works now. You need to have Internet connection only for planning in calculating routes for new places, UgCS caches loaded map tiles and elevation data.

    - you can go to drone position in UgCS - double-click on drone name:


    - you can switch between metric and english units in menu Configuration


    - displaying NOTAM/TFR data planned

  • Also...

    - button to centre on GPS position(vehicle or laptop GPS)
    - speed option to include mph/kph

    - overlay of NOTAM/TFR data for non-US countries

  • Ok, I'm up and running, with a few VSM's. I seem to have the hang of it now, though it still seems a bit complicated, and hard to navigate. I'm not sure I see the value in attaching profiles to routes; yes, a profile is good to see if your vehicle can complete the course, but there's no need to attach it to the route as well - it just complicates it.

    I have some immediate suggestions for future versions:

    - offer a 2D map

    - offer splined waypoints for Arducopter users

    - a breadcrumb option, to show route travelled

    - offline maps

    - a battery capacity option in profiles

  • Hi, 

    http://ugcs.com/discover - all information here

    UgCS supports ADS-B USB receivers like microADS-B

  • Search your website and couldn't find much in the way of more detailed information.  One area I'm curious about is the ADSB.  How is it incorporated and where is it getting the flight data?




  • Hi Euan,
    how many RAM do you have in your Mac?
    You can stop unneeded components in UgCS Service Manager - by default there are lot of VSMs (drivers) for different autopilots.

  • Struggling with it, if I'm honest. Bit of a resource hog too for my MacBook air.
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