U8 large quad



After months waiting for motors and props, we finally managed to put our large quad up in the air!


It flies up to 56min and can currently carry nex 7. next one will be with zenmuse 5D! can't wait!


It was pretty difficult to get the right setting as the 29" props run very slow on those 135kV motors.


The copter flies really like a big truck! quite nice!



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  • MR60

    APM has indeed reached its processing capability limits (RAM & CPU limits) that is probably a limiting factor to compute complex stabilisation at frequent enough cycles.

    Pixhawk does not have these limits, so I would expect Pixhawk could compute at higher cycles much more complex stabilisation algorithms. There is no reason I see why it could not reach or exceed a wookong (just a matter of time and firmware releases).

    Just an opinion.

  • Very interesting info regarding large copters and APM.. I presume pixhawk is in same category.

    Is it just because it has yet to be stress tested with bigger machines? (understandable..its a hobby community with hobby budgets).

    I can see copters gradually getting bigger for more uses so I guess Pixhawk would need be required to adapt?

    Thoughts from devs / ChrisA ?



  • 56min with or without the cam/gimbel ?

  • Developer

    Efficiency wise, this is very good. But how does it handle turbulence with such large propellers and slow RPM?

  • my biggest setup on APM is 18" props and that works fine

  • with apm 2.6, I never managed to get the altitude hold right. also the overall copter response to the wind was not as easy to setup as for the wookong.

  • Paul,

    I tried also apm on large copters and it seems that it can't handle vibrations from big size props. In my research i didn't found anybody flying aerophotography with props bigger than 15 inch with apm. I switched to A2 and it was like day and night.

    I still use apm for fpv fun and planes.

  • Im curious to why you thing APM2.6 was not good. Are you goign to try the pixhawk with this setup. Im curious as Im interested in the larger copter also and how it may be controlled with pixhawk compared to the more expensive alternatives.



  • Niall, these are Tmotor carbon props

    Felix, we use 2 units of high end 11000mah...

    Adam, the way forward is X8. not sure if the fail recovery algorithm can work on such large quad due to inertia. on the videos I saw that while in recovery, they spin pretty fast!

  • I love these big quads, but I would not consider one currently due to the lack of redundancy, which makes carrying an expensive payload sketchy. If we are able to get the quadcopter propeller/motor/ESC fail recovery algorithm from ETH-Zurich or similar, I will definitely consider one.

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