U8 large quad



After months waiting for motors and props, we finally managed to put our large quad up in the air!


It flies up to 56min and can currently carry nex 7. next one will be with zenmuse 5D! can't wait!


It was pretty difficult to get the right setting as the 29" props run very slow on those 135kV motors.


The copter flies really like a big truck! quite nice!



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  • T3

    Interesting discussion! I am currently experimenting with 17'' and 18'' props on different hexa setups. While a lighter hexa with 3.5kg AUW and 17'' works fine the 18'' version with 4.5kg AUW is hard to handle. Both hover at 50% throttle. I'll play around with the PIDs again but I have the feeling that it is an APM speed problem. Do you think the upcoming AC3.2 with 400Hz for Pixhawk might help? 

  • how long now untill your website is live
  • John Arne Birkland, I often see folk stating or implying that large props= bad control response. While undoubtedly larger props require more energy to spin, they are typically attached to a motor that I'd sized accordingly. Ultimately it is the change in thrust that counts. Large props provide a greater thrust delta for a given rpm delta. I have never seen any data that would indicate that the larger mass of a prop is significant when correctly matched to a motor... I run up to 17x8 props on my 12lb quad and am very happy with my apm performance. I would be interested in your (or others!) comments
  • how much are these frames going to be baring in mind we are hobbyist and have a smaller budget than professionals. I've been looking to build a big folding frame like this with big motors and props. currently I have a tarot 650 quad I'm building but I'm thinking of getting all the 25mm parts from the 960 model and the arms off a iron-man 1000 to keep it fold-able and big but if your quad frame is better then I might get that depending on the price of course
  • I would not fit an 135kV with 29" on such frame... especially with the motor platform they have!

  • what do you mean by ground control hardware? it is just a remote and 7" screen on the video.

    btw, interesting link for the carbon core.... but prefer the way we did it as the arms have no way to open (even though it may take 2min more to unfold/setup)

  • it is a frame done by us.

  • What ground control hardware and software was in the video? It does look a lot like the CarbonCore Cortex...

  • the frame kind of looks like this http://shop.carboncore.co.uk/Cortex-Carbon-Airframe but with different motor mounts 

    Cortex Carbon Airframe
    Cortex Carbon Airframe Assembled 800mm X8 Multi-Rotor
  • @Eduardo: with gimbal but no camera.

    in regards of turbulences... this is what we are now checking. we tested in 10knts winds and it was ok...could be better with an hexa and 330kv but still acceptable.

    trying now to improve the setup.

    the PID are currently close to 275 for pitch an roll and close to 100 for vertical.

    turbulence wasn't much the issue, the main difficulty is the wind resistance area due to the large disk.

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