UAS in the NAS

Link to "report" [PDF]:"In the near future we will see unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operating in the National Airspace System (NAS) seamlessly with manned aircraft in all classes of airspace. To achieve this airspace integration issues must be solved in a safe expeditious manner. There is much to do by all Stakeholders in the coming dec-ade to realize this end. Approaches to Airspace Integration for UAS are herein discussed with potential solutions and the way forward set forth."Interesting read...desired steps but nothing really concrete yet (but I guess it has to start somewgere)
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  • The FAA is looking for the highest bidder and figuring out how it can cash out as much as possible out of this. Just like when the FCC auctions off wireless spectrum's.
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    Just after near past Patrick.
  • I guess it depends on the definition of "near future."
  • Expect cargo planes flown by AP in 2050 or by 2100 , atleast the AP does not sleep / argue over airline policies and over shoot the airport( landing) by 150 K.M :))
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