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The UAV Devboard is back in stock at SparkFun, with a new design.The reason for the design change is that Analog Devices no longer makes the gyro that we were using on the previous board, so we have switched the design to the LISY300AL. Paul Bizard and I have thoroughly tested the new board on fixed-wing aircraft, the LISY300ALs work just great with DCM.We have modified all of our existing firmware to be able to run on either board, and will make sure that all future firmware will also work on either board. If you have written firmware for the UAV dev board, you will only have to make a few minor changes to run it on the new one. The two board designs are nearly identical. The only differences are:1. The new board uses LISY300AL gyros instead of the ADXRS401, and the 6g range instead of the 1.5g range for the accelerometers. This will allow you to provide aerobatic control without saturating the sensors.2. The gyros, the accelerometers, and the A/D reference voltage are all tied to the 3.3 volt regulated supply. This will totally eliminate drift of gyros and accelerometers due to supply voltage changes.Each firmware project now has both a "green" version for the previous board and a "red" version for the new board.
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  • Hello,

    First I would like to say a big thanks for this paper, it's very usefull and well written.

    So based on this paper and on the code found in the file AP_DCM.h i tried to implement the DCM in java on android. But i ran into a problem and I don't know whats the cause!

    When i normalize the vectors the result is 0 ! When I debug it, the result of the


    float err = (float) dcmX.Dot(dcmY);  // eqn 18 dot between the X and Y line

    err is really really small (like 0.0004 and sometime it is negative like -0.01). I think it's quite strange but I can't figure out why. i don't whether is the phone sensor that are really crap or a error in my code (i translated the C code into java based on AP_DCM.h)

    If I don't normalize When I take the square sum of the line and column the result is 1.0000 but it crows quite fast (like +0.0001 every second) and more when I shake the phone.

    Can anybody help me on that? Where the error could come from?

    Thank you



  • T3
    Hi Morli,

    Once again, I thank you for helping out. You have learned fast, I think you are one of the experts, now.

    Billu Bhaiya
  • Admin
    Thank you Billu Bhiya , Now I understand , so the ICSP connector is used along with Pickit3 as gender changer due to female female connectors on the cable. Sorry my mistake.

    @ Chang , this is how you connect all the above.

    UAV dev board( ICSP port) <<a href="http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=611" target="_blank"> cable > ICSP connector>PICKIT3> computer /Laptop
  • T3
    Hi Morli,

    It seems I have confused things even more. Sorry.

    The question only comes up if you are using either a PICkit2, or a PICkit3.

    Every UDB is shipped with a 6 pin connector soldered into it for connection to a programmer/debugger. For a while, the connector was polarized, but that does not allow connection to a PICkit. So, a few months back, we changed the design to use an unpolarized connector, so that you can now connect a PICkit directly to the UDB. The UDB connector pins are male, the PICkit has a female connector.

    However, lets say you do not want to connect the PICkit directly to the UDB, for example, if the UDB is mounted in your plane. Then you will need to buy a 6 wire cable, such as this one from SparkFun. However, the cable from SparkFun has a female connector on both ends. One end will connect ok to the UDB, but what about the other end? Well, you place this connector into the PICkit, and then you can connect the cable to the PICkit.

    Best regards,
    Bill (Bhaiya)
  • Admin
    My pleasure Billu Bhiya,
    Sorry I am confused , So i assume that UDB does not have this connector by default( I thought mine came with it) and one would need this connector to make good connection using the cable mentioned( I am using this cable too)
  • T3
    Hi Morli,
    Thank you so much for helping Wong Chang. You are an expert.
    Regarding the 6 pin ICSP connector, many pilots find it convenient to program their UDB while it is mounted in their plane. If they are using a PICkit2 or PICkit3, they will need a cable. The cables that you can easily get will need a connector, such as the ICSP connector, to connect the cable to the PICkit.
    Best regards,
    Bill (Bhaiya)
  • Admin
    Sure , But I am expert in asking questions only , some one else will answer. ;-)
    In any case ask question after reading the manual 2^N x pages ;-))
  • oh no, is all english..that's really hard for me to read that, but i need to do it..
    we will try our best and really apprciate for u r help.Can i ask u more if i get some problem?
  • Admin
    Yes you need to upload way point, options file and other files to the autopilot board . You can start reading here which is home page for UAV dev board ( UDB)
    Click here to learn programming this board. You need some level of programming skill which you can learn easily.
  • Admin
    yes that is the one. link, also you need this cable and this connector ( one each)

    Debugger/ programmer recommended by Bill is model called Pickit 3 but not available in sparkfun yet. you can but direct from MicroChip website or local dealer in Taiwan also. here
    @ Bill , why do we need this connector as the UDB comes with already , right ?
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