UAV flight: New Year's Day 2010 Wrocław, Poland

UAV flight: New Year's Day 2010 Wrocław, Poland from Krzysztof Bosak on Vimeo.

New Year's Day seen from above.Unfortunately very dense fog, flight altitude 150m at the edge of visibility.Fully automatic amateur UAV custom-equipped with all necessary protections like automatic parachute etc.Total flight time around 30min.Due to very bad visibility had to tilt the camera down,causing missing most of the fireworks (they were all around), but thanks to look-down setup at least something was visible on the ground.Of course Sony Webbie is light but not a pro solution for shooting at midnight at 150m distances in dense fog.The colours are real, most of the city lighting is reddish.Temperature was around 0C, occasional freezing droplets of rain with snow (another reason to tilt the camera down, it landed with thin, shiny layer of ice on the wings).
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  • T3
    Thanks everyone for warm comments.
    The song is from BladeRunner movie. Wroclaw is not close to hypothetical NY as depicted in the movie, but we are converging.
    The timing was based on luck, in fact the wind towards city center was strong so it was in the area 3 mins faster than expected and left the scene right after the midnight. Unfortunately this year the market was really dark, unlike earlier years.
    The funniest part was the landing:
    It landed on schedule on a pine right behind me (5m or so)... But I didn't heard that because of fireworks popping all around.
    I was looking like a fool on the sky and checking the modem - which I believed was not working as it was showing basically my position. A little resigned, at 0:45 I have switched to manual mode and applied full throttle for 0.5s just to hear it spinning behind my back... A-ha! I have jumped with smile.
  • You forgot to drop some [AMA approved release objects].
  • Well done!
  • Admin
    Cool video , night flight too , that brings out the confidence level on the product. fireworks ( starburst) looked beautiful.
  • Wow. All that's missing is a HUD and a bunch of hellfires raining down. Very good perspective and stability.
  • 3D Robotics
    Awesome fireworks! Your timing is impeccable...
  • Very good video. Really liked the daylight inserts ! Great.
  • Dude, Very Cool. What plane did you use, power source?
  • Awesome. :D

    What song is that, btw?
  • T3
    They are around every corner!
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