UAV like video with Depron Plane

Hi Guys,

We shot a video on this morning. The platform was a depron PolyClub, weather was perfect for this light airplane.
We have 2 camera on the plane, one of camera on tail, other one on right side of plane(45 degree angled to the ground) Side camera perspective is unbelivable and i'm strongly suggesting to watch all video :)

Have a nice weekend :)

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  • Is flying with the chance of people being nearby really necessary? I know it is tempting, but I'd still call it stupid, sorry.
  • Moderator
    All those pools and nobody is swimming!

    Cool. When you can post how you build the cameras.
  • yes, now more clearly, technology at work :)
  • @Sandro Benigno

    Thank you :)
    I'm making this cameras my self, cellular phone lenses very small and qualities better than most of security cam lenses. And we have night (filterless) lenses for very low light conditions and IR spots.
    I was forget the deinterlacing when uploading it, I just uploaded deinterlaced version on vimeo.
    Better than first one :)
    Video updated!
  • Wow, how to fly, like a bird ...
  • Developer
    Very cool! You eliminated that annoying propeller saying "Hey, mommy... I'm here!", and achieved a great angle from the side.
    The only issues about those tiny cams are the fields interpolation and barrel distortion.
    The barrel distortion is almost impossible to correct due the lens size and the large angle. But, the field issue isn't so unbreakable. BTW. Are there some tiny cams like that with capturing on progressive mode?
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