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  • It's not the optimal position for pitot tube, but it seems to work well enough.

  • 3D Robotics

    Awesome build and presentation. Can you share your Mission Planner config settings for this aircraft so we can post it in the manual? Just save the .config file and PM me it, pls.

  • For a dipole it doesn't really matter, just so long as its perpendicular to the ground so that the blackout areas (donut hole) are straight above/below the plane, thusly you'll have the least signal when flying directly overhead of ground station.

  • Strange, I noticed how most people point their antennae up.  This would normally be better for receivers on the ground, since most radio transmitters are at higher than sea level.  However because the situation in reversed for model aircraft, with the transmitters being in the air, wouldn't it be better if the antennae were pointing down?  That's how I always mount mine.

  • I have, but I've been working with other things so I haven't really paid attention to video signal. I noticed more interference compared to my previous plane. I might try moving the VTX someplace else. Thanks for the tip!

  • Have you flown this rig yet in the current configuration? Reason I ask: the gopro spews rf like none other. Im wondering if you've experienced any video transmission issues having the VTX and antenna againsta the back of the GoPro. I personally had to separate them due to some serious interference from the GoPro.


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