The UAV Playground is a collection of software components I've written in Java. They extend the Processing Development Environment (PDE) with some functionality that can help you to simulate and test different aspects of UAVs. You can as well use the UAV Playground library outside of the PDE in any Java application.UAV Playground and all the Software it is based on are freely available. The distribution and the source code can be found on the Open Source project page at whole project is a work in progress and will be extended as I work on the exploration of UAVs. I'd appreciate if you leave me a comment or even better contribute to the project.Features- object oriented- modular- extendable- freeHow to use it- install the Processing Development Environemt (PDE)- download the UAV Playground distribution and follow the installation instructions- [install the FlightGear Flight Simulator (optional)]- have a look at the sketches (examples) and browse the api documentation that is included in the jar fileA very basic example- connects to the flight simulator- displays the current altitude and airspeed



The UAVsim example- controls the flight simulator via virtual joysticks or...- controls the flight simulator via a PID processor (basic autopilot)- displays various data

Additional examplesUAV Playground - NMEA to KMLUAV Playground 1.1- New GPS NMEA data import via a network connection to FlightGear- New GPS tracking in Google Earth via a HTTP connection to the UAV Playground


UAV Playground 1.2 [Update] (download)- Completely rewritten autopilot now supports waypoint navigation
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  • Hi Jaron, thanks for your kindness.

    I'm now can sent the command to FG via another machine already and everything works well.

    I hope we will share the knowledge about FG and the comm.sys. again later.

  • Did you recompile UAVsim?

    Are the IP ports open on you firewall?

  • Hi Jaron, I changed the ip you said but I still can not command the FG via UAVPlayground in another machine.

    I don't know how to do. Could you please help me?

  • Hi Bur, it is possible to run FlightGear on a different machine than UAVsim. Therefore you've got to set the IP addresses in those two files:

    DEFAULT_IP = "";
    Replace with the IP address of your FlightGear machine.

     "--nmea=socket,out,5,,5557,tcp" ^
     "--generic=socket,out,10,,5555,tcp,UAVsim-Protocol" ^

    Replace with the IP address of your UAVsim machine.

  • Hi Jaron, I can't command the Flightgear via another machine (data receive is ok).

    Sould I have to code something?

  • Hi Natha, no you can't upload the actual ArduPilot software and test it with UAV Playground.

  • Hello, Newbie Question, I am planning on a UAV launch from a high altiude balloon, does this software allow me to upload the ArduPilot software into the UAV simulator and see the results? In other words can I test before buying the hardware and see how the ArduPilot would cope?
  • I'm currently working on the communication with an Arduino/ArduPilot for a future hardware-in-the-loop simulation.
    It uses a single serial connection but can send and receive all the data to and from the microcontroller that is needed to do the simulation.
  • Thanks "jaron" and "dydx" for the information. I am still very far away from getitng my airplane ready, tested, and eventually interfaced to a ground station, but great to be learning on the way... Excellent post.
  • Tom, what you're talking about is video data fusing/synthetic vision. Someone on youtube has done this. I think it worked quite well.
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