There was an ESRI (ArcGIS) conference in San Diego a couple weeks ago - videos of the plenary sessions have just come available.  

Notable is the UAV section of the mid-morning session - fast forward to minute 78:

Several things were demonstrated, notably the live video feed connection to ArcGIS using an ESRI plugin called "full motion video add-in".

The connection is possible because of a metadata stream referred to as "MISB" (http://www.gwg.nga.mil/misb/faq.html).  I wonder how difficult this stream of data is to glean or convert using APM2 telemetry and a fixed camera?  (I suspect camera position is also worked into MISB data)

Has anyone tried this?  I'd like to try with the municipality I work for - but would love to not have to reinvent that wheel, also...


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  • MISB is basically a "header" that wraps the content as well as each MPEG frame. I say it's very similar to MXF/AAF if you're familiar with movie studio production workflow. Cool thing is the metadata encoding is based on KLV, which there are many free libraries to strip the metadata and just get raw frames.

    Since KLV is heavily used in the photogrammetry industry (e.g. DoD), it would be natural for ArcGIS to support it. Hence the plugin.

    Lastly, if you have experience dissecting a Apple MOV or itunes file, it's pretty much the same thing, you just need to understand the spec, find out what elements you need to get the starting location (and read rules) of the raw data and then you can start extracting frames.

  • I wonder what the current opensource solutions are which can be used for drone mapping.

  • Our GIS coordinator has just done some research, and despite the ESRI fella saying distinctly "full motion video add-in, which is available now", it is *not* out of BETA, and is also not available to anyone other than ESRI beta testers.   Salesmanship, par excellence!

  • Jake, 

    If you pm me - I will probably be able to help you with this. (We did something similar but the video was from under water rather than in the air, but its the same concept.



  • Great Jake, 

    thanks for sharing.

  • Very commercial. But also quite impressive.

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