UAVs in wind parks

Together with the Laboratory for Energy Conversion of the ETH Zürich we have adapted their multi-hole air flow probe to Paparazzi and integrated it into our meteo Funjets. It is used to measure wind vectors/turbulences around wind turbines for a more efficient planning of wind parks. The goal is to reduce the impact that a turbine causes to the ones downstream. Swiss television has an article (in German).

Flying close to a rotating wind turbine at notable wind speeds made us use a fairly "conservative" Paparazzi setup to give as much reliability as possible. The plane is running with thermopiles only, just as for the Arctic campaigns. The vortexes generated at the wind turbines wing tips can create high roll rates that the infrared sensors can cope with easily.
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  • Moderator
    Go and see Dean then buy us all a beer, but if you don't think it would work I would get the thermopile one out. But lets not pull this too far from thrust of it. (Which was my fault) Its a fantastic real world use of an sUAS. We don't see much of that.
  • Show me an IMU implimentation that could have flown this airplane and Ill buy you a beer. I know ATTO is getting close, but these conditions would put any filter to its breaking point.
  • That's awesome. Open Source Micro UAV doing real work. Very cool.
  • Moderator
    I'm on the IMU plan as well but I can get an awful lot done with my thermopile Attos. Many ways to skin a cat, although I've never really understood that phrase.
  • Developer
    only because their IMU code/hardware is inadequate! ;) just kidding I'm only on the IMU train because all the cool kids are doing it~!
  • Moderator
    Oh look another vote for thermopiles ;-)
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