uBlox GS406/GS407 Available for Pre-Order

uBlox adapter is ready for Pre-order here (remember is FIFO service). The price is $19.90, i can't give it for less, is extremely difficult place the tiny uBlox connector, always after the reflow the 50% of the boards have pins that are making short circuit and i have to repair it manually. Due to the lack of time i will ship the first orders that are placed before Friday, luckily they will be ready and shipped the next Monday 08/17/09.uBlox is the only GPS that let you mix Binary Protocol (ArduPilot) and NMEA (for OSD's). Super accurate and truly 4Hz refresh rate.It even works indoors:

Adapter features:-Ultra clean On-board 3.3V power regulator.-Input power selector (3.3V or >=5V).-Rechargeable backup battery (2 weeks)-Super small, almost same GPS profile.-EM406 Connector (ArduPilot Ready!).-Regular pin holes for easy integration with any project.

Soon i will offer the package that includes the uBlox unit, the adapter and is pre-configured for ardupilot for only $95 dlls.
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  • How is the battery rechargeable for this?(says on store website) I am interested in incorporating this onto my own pcbs
  • thanks for the rapid reply! Just discovered it from a link posted on SparkFun, Can't wait to get my hands on one!
  • 3D Robotics
    We've had it for more than a month. Sold out at the moment but will be back in stock in a week or so. Here.
  • So, when can we expect to see the packaged set in the Store?
  • Developer

    The protocol is a binary protocol, you will not understand using the Terminal at all, you will see only raw bytes. All the description of the protocol is very well explained on the data sheet.

    Normally i don't do custom jobs. I can do it but i will have to apply an extra charge for that.

  • Jordi,
    You are selling this item pre-programmed in the store. Could you please post a sample of the output as seen in a terminal window so I can possiby modify my code accordingly?

    Also, would you consider doing a custom pre-programming for a single unit?
  • By the way, LocoSys has released their 10Hz series. I recently got a LS20031 in 10Hz from them directly but had no time making tests yet (vacation, kid, etc.). They also upgraded the LS20033. This is for NMEA fan's, of course!
  • I agree with Jack, you should just make your own module, rather than adding a module onto a module.
    Plus, Sparkfun charges and arm and a leg for their GPS modules, compared to their actual cost price.
    You should look into the LS20033, its a great little unit, and surprisingly cheap. Ublox modules aren't really doing the whole "cheap autopilot" thing any good.
  • U need to get some venture capital, an IPO, & some government bailouts. Mine is a $200+ engineering sample from Procerus. It might be more efficient if you just desoldered the modules from those Sparkfun boards & resoldered them on your own board with patch antenna & proper connector. No reworking tiny uBlox connectors.
  • cool, will wait for the full package including the ublox unit
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