Ublox Neo-7M GPS with Compass and Pedestal Mount

HK NEO-7M GPS with compass for around $33.




• uBlox Neo-7M module
• 56-channel 
• Galileo E1B/C
• 10Hz update rate
• 25x25x2 Ceramic patch antenna
• Rechargeable 3V Backup battery
• Low noise 3.3V regulator
• I2C EEPROM storage
• Power and fix LED’s
• Pedestal Mount/Case
• Pixhawk/PX4 compatible
• Pre-configured 38,400 Baud and prams 

Size: 60x11.5mm
Mount: 140mm length
Cable length: 200mm
Weight: 26g
Connection: Compass 4 pin/ GPS 6 pin (Pixhawk/PX4 compatible)

Thanks to  Jeff Huang for pointing out that the NEO-7M can NOT use GPS and GLONASS simultaneously, but that the u-blox 8 family of receivers will be able to use GPS and GLONASS simultaneously.

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  • Hi Ted,

    Did you try the APM with External Compass option?

    I have a Neo-6M with compass and I believe that was the option that worked for it.

  • T3

    Does anyone have experience with this unit? I just got one and the only way I can get the compass to point the right direction is to select roll 180 for compass orientation (the arrow on the unit is forward). With orientation NONE, it reads fine north and south, but backwards when east or west. Any ideas?

  • So it actually makes sence to add this to 3dr LEA module, and set this one to GLONASS, so the FC chooses the one with the most sats available?

  • Hi Jeff,

    That is a funny thing... what were they thinking? Looks like I'll be waiting for the u-blox 8 family of receivers.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Yes, I've tested NEO-7M, it cannot simultaneously receive GPS and GLONASS signal. Currently most GLONASS capable modules on the market, only ublox-7 chipset based ones cannot simultaneously receive GPS and GLONASS signal. If GLONASS mode selected then no GPS; that's why ublox came out with another ublox M8 chipset, claiming capable of concurrently receiving GPS and GLONASS as a feature, funny thing.

  • Hi Jeff, Have you tested the Neo-7M to see that it is only reading GLONASS or GPS? I have a Garmin etrex 20 that has GPS and GLONASS. It reads both at the simultaneously. I also have a RTK system that reads both simultaneously. Seems unlikely they would make it read only one or the other.

  • GPS module spec is one thing, performance of the final product with housing/cable sold to customer is another thing.

    Different GPS products for UAV made by different company using same module (NEO-7M or LEA-6H) very likely would perform not the same. With or without extra LNA, size of patch antenna used, PCB ground plane size, and if the patch antenna used has been tuned to match the PCB,...etc all will affect final GPS product performance. So only testing and compare the final product could one know which performs better.

  • Thanks a lot for the info. So then doesn't that mean that a very minimum from a specification standpoint the 7m is as good or better (given the power consumption) than the 6h? This does of course leave out the real world side of things which can obviously play a huge role where even if the specs are the same, one simply performs better.
  • NEO-7M could only receive either GPS or GLONASS signal, cannot receive both GPS and GLONASS signal simultaneously. GLONASS alone accuracy is no better than GPS. NEO-7M's spec has GPS accuracy 2.5m CEP, GLONASS accuracy 4m, http://goo.gl/T5Veak. NEO-7M does have lower power consumption advantage over LEA-6H. 

  • I ordered to two units and plan to setup a backyard exeripent using 3DR and NEO-7M.  I will need a second FTDI cable but I should be able to run simulateous tests on both units at the same time.  Will post findings when they arrive.

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