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3689516404?profile=originalIiMX6 Quad Core A9 combined with Arduino Due atSAM3X8E = UDOO

Imagine the compute power available, possibly a hardware variant (minus the majority of the "pc" like connectors)

powering your next autopilot - kalman, opencv etc, backed in under 40 hours in kickstarter.

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  • @john would be interested if u manage to get hacking on paralella ;)

  • Developer

    My bet is on this one. Should be arriving at my door shortly.

    - Zynq 7010 - FPGA + Dual Core ARM A9 @700Mhz

    - Epiphany Multicore Accelerator (16 cores @ 700Mhz)

    - 1GB RAM

    So on a small board you get ARM A9, FPGA and 16x multicore processing (at an ridiculous low price of $99. On top of this, all software and documentation is open sourced.

  • The raspberri pi was cheap because it was slow.  It's the laws of physics again. 

  • I'd like to see what they mean by low power consumption (and the weight!), cause the Pi isn't really low power compared to most MCUs.

  • Android-Linux-Arduino hate-hate-love

  • That's what the next version of ardupilot should look like ;-)

  • There are solutions quite fit for our purposes already, odroid-u2 for example, and there are variants of it with more connectors as well.
    But sure, more choice is better.
    I will probably go with a odroid-u2 as its the smallest with least redundant connectors, and 1.7ghz quadcore ARM
  • Very interesting. I must have missed this one.

    I'd like to see a variant that includes PC connectivity where possible, even if that's only USB. Being able to accept existing Adruino daughter boards would be good too - at the moment, I am looking at this, and the whole sensor platform I have in mind is requiring a complete seperate package (Pi + arduino bridge + sensor & radio) powered from a SBEC. Integration would reduce complexity and weight, and open up some intruiging uses.

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