UgCS 2.12 Has Been Released


Hi, guys,

We are glad to announce that a new version of UgCS is out - 2.12. Along with this update we are also releasing UgCS Mapper in beta version. UgCS Mapper is a geo-referenced image processing software that allows creation of preliminary orthophoto maps in-field, requiring no internet connection.


The double grid option is added for Area scan and Photogrammetry tool, to enable more precise aerial data acquiring. When a new Photogrammetry area is being added to the survey mission, by default the action Camera by time (with auto flag) is added.

For more comfortable mission planning features like the option to move and rotate route, manage common actions for selected segments and displaying of calculated path leg length on cursor-hover, polygon side length and calculated area size is displayed.

While in beta UgCS Mapper is available for all users, but after its  official release it will be a part of UgCS PRO and UgCS ENTERPRISE package.

For you Ardupilot users out there we have added SET_SERVO and REPEAT_SERVO commands, allowing you to use auxiliary devices capable of receiving PWM signals and controlling them directly from UgCS. We have also added the option to connect over UDP as well as the ability to set constant heading (disable yaw to next waypoint).

Download latest UgCS version:

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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  • Hi, corridor mapping will be implemented in UgCS 2.14. Together with new tool for LIDAR missions.
  • A very good thing I see in Ebee software and you could add is corridor mapping : dedicated to linear projects such as route. Digitalise a route, specify width and software design a set of parallel lines, with proper turns between segments.

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