For those who have missed it - the newest version of UgCS - 2.4 is live and available on Windows, Mac and Linux!

UgCS 2.4 makes drones smarter and more agile than before. The most important new features are that it allows import of custom terrain elevation models, 3D building models which make the drone more aware of what`s around it.

Terrain elevation models allow safe flying in hazardous areas such as mountains where the terrain is tricky. These can be imported as .tif files. 3D buildings can be imported either from Google Earth or even created by the operator. The buildings can be imported as .kmz files.

No-fly zones have also been implemented in UgCS. UgCS 2.4 comes with in-built Aerodrome NFZ to make flying safer. UgCS One and Pro versions also offer the possibility of creating custom NFZ and even disabling the in-built ones.

Futhermore, the video feature has been improved, video can now not only be streamed directly into UgCS in real time from a GoPro camera or other source, it can also be recorded and saved onto the computer.

Also, the mission creation process has now become a lot easier, waypoints can be created by just double-clicking on the map. The shift+click feature for creating waypoints is still there. The double-click feature makes using UgCS on Windows tablets possible.

Also, now the waypoints are created at the height of the previous waypoint, meaning that the operator no longer needs to specify an altitude for each one, making route creation a lot faster.

With UgCS 2.4 also comes support for helicopter vehicles equipped with Pixhawk / APM, “Upload to Droneshare” button for easy sharing and saving of missions, map placemarks, improved landing for fixed-wing aircraft and other new features and fixes.

UgCS 2.4 can be dowloaded from

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