UgCS 2.7 has just been released


We are glad to announce the release of UgCS 2.7. This version features many improvements and changes over the previous version. 

Mapping with UgCS is now easier than ever, the Area scan now a flag called “additional waypoints” which helps to reduce the number of generated waypoints. This is very useful for DJI autopilots in which the number of waypoints per mission is limited. Futhermore, we have made the geotagging tool easier to use since now it has added progress bars and a photo preview. Also the new DJI X5 camera has been added to payloads in UgCS.

UgCS 2.7 now supports the newest ArduCopter firmware – 3.3.1, available for APM and Pixhawk autopilots.

We have also improved the way fixed wing aircraft work with UgCS by adding new landing parameters and changing the default waypoint acceptance radius to 10 meters for fixed wing aircraft.

UgCS 2.7 can be downloaded from our site here:

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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  • Our android app (UgCS for DJI) is a companion application like a bridge between UgCS on laptop and drone.
    Android app doesn't have planning functions etc.

    Do you have problems with WiFi hot spot activation on Android device?

  • I'm resisting RTFM but it sounds great and what I've seen I like. Why would you need wireless to upload a mission to a an Inspire? If the app is running on the device plugged in to the Inspire Tx why doesn't it upload with that connection? Confused, as usual.

  • Thanks Alexey. Yes, I meant for DJI.  If one is in a  area with no cell coverage  a mission can't be uploaded there,  or modified.  I wish there was a way of tethering requiring no hotspot....

  • Hi Oliver, do you mean particular copter type?

    WiFi required to upload mission to Inspire 1 or Phantom 3 only. In this case you can activate WiFi hot spot on mobile device.

    Please take a look on this video -

    And this document -

  • Just started testing it on several copters, both Pixhawk and DJI. Quite impressive.

    Love the 3D and the built in simulator to test missions, wish Ardupilot's MP would have that. 

    One minus is that, unless I am missing something,  wifi is needed  to upload missions. Means missions need to be planned and configured  ahead of time if flying in an area with no wifi and cell signal and no in the field mods are possible in those areas (DJI). Couldn't a direct usb connection from ucgs to controller  be possible for downloading missions to the copter?

  • Developer

    The Mission editor looks great!

    I guess its about time to give it a try.

  • Distributor

    Nice stuff, looking forward to giving it a go!

  • >> Does this version support missions that require more than one battery to complete?

    Currently no. Planned in UgCS 2.9 (1Q 2016)

    >> Also, does it support terrain following with Arducopter?

    Yes. For any type of autopilots. 


  • Does this version support missions that require more than one battery to complete? Also, does it support terrain following with Arducopter? I need to do some mapping in an area that has a significant slope so I need the copter to follow the terrain rather than fly at a fixed height.

  • Awesome, cant wait to try it out!

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