UgCS 2.9 Is Now Live

It’s been long in the making, but it’s finally here. UgCS has released a new version of its ground station software - UgCS 2.9 which features a ton of improvements and new features.

A feature often requested by the users - possibility of planning area scan missions by manually entering the altitude - is finally here. One of the biggest changes you'll notice is that the Area Scan tool is now divided into two separate tools - Area Scan and Photogrammetry tool. The Photogrammetry tool allows to plan area scan missions with a specific GSD. Meanwhile the Area Scan tool now allows scanning an area with either using AMSL or AGL altitudes.

Battery capacity is the main limiting factor for drones. UgCS has taken a step around this issue. Now it is possible to fly longer missions with UgCS by exchanging the battery. This is now possible because now you can restart the mission from any specific waypoint. This new features makes aerial mapping of large areas easier and more convenient than ever.

Another notable change is that the support for two new drones has been added. DJI Phantom 4 and Matrice 100 are now supported in UgCS. Furthermore, experimental support for GeoTiff file import as map overlays and joystick control for Ardupilot and DJI has been added.

Take a look at what`s inside UgCS 2.9:

Get UgCS 2.9 here:

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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  • Charlie, please PM me regarding trial license.

  • Hi, RPM, currently we don`t have Solo support in plans. If we see enough interest in Solo mission planning, we might consider it.

  • Keeps looking better! Solo support?

  • I think you can get a single user license for $60 -- but not sure of that covers importing a DEM.

  • Is there a possibility of a trial licence? The most interesting feature is the ability to import a DEM but $2000 is a lot to test it.

  • Looks like it's time for me to try it out too.

  • I am very impressed with the continued developments of UGCS - look forward to giving this new version a go.

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