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UHF RC range extender

3689395278?profile=originalThis $200 radio replaces your RC receiver and connects to your RC transmitter. Using the UHF band and higher power than regular RC gear, it's supposed to extend your range to miles. Mostly intended for FPV flying, but has clear application for UAV use, too. 


The manual explains how it works:

Basically, any 4-15 channel radio can work with this system, you just need to find
the PPM signal from the radio.
We can get the PPM signal from the trainer ports for Futaba ( Non-JR ) series
radios. Because the trainer port of JR just output 4-chans PPM signal, so we need to
find the PPM o utput from other places, normally we can get the PPM signal from the
pins of the RF connector

You can get all the definitions of the trainer port for most of the popular radios
For the radios which have removable RF modules, we can get the PPM signal
from the pin of the RF connector


Available now from BevRC.

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  • I have ordered and paid for a dragonlink from dragon labs over 2 months ago and have not received anything. does any of the Americans on this site have contact with them as to try and source the goods. It almost seems as if I have been scammed for a couple of dollars.
  • Agreed.... and don;t do things, however safe and legal, to get the press's attention unless there is no way of putting aq negative spin on it. Saving cute puppies or donating to an orphanage is fine, flying anything other than in a desert is pretty much gonna get thrashed by the 'tards in offices.
  • Ok, yes, polititians need topics to divert attention as does the press.


    So the least we can do is to fly with reasonable safety in place. Even if the law and FAA would allow more!

  • Other than NYC lwas possibly being broken, the "stunt" was 100% FAA legal. Although the FAA "investigated" it they didn't do anything because it was legal. All he did was put a spotlight on us at a bad time.

    I am sure if people saw what an AMA 125 pound, turbine powered jet can do, they would be screaming for the FAA to ban them as well.

    Or if the FS mid-air collision or the little girl mangled by a heli hit the national news people would be screaming to ban everything. In all cases the politicians will use it as a PR event and spew a bunch of BS to make themselves look good.

  • Here is an FAA legal USA Recreational setup banned by the AMA along with autonomous systems although perfectly legal:

    Pilot is flying beyond unaided LoS, Observers are stationed at strategic points along the intended flight path  so entire flight is observed.

    Observers are in constant communication with pilot.

    Observers may even be using binoculars to aid observation.


    BTW, we use "see" for human systems and "sense" for non-human systems for avoidance.

  • The rules of using such kind equipment are depend on the country. Nobody wants to have problems with the law, so I understand you. I just gave an idea about the technical aspect of the issue, not a legal.
  • Duane, thanks for that clarification. I was not talking about commercial, thats definetely another ruleset...

    The use of observers actually is a (human) sense and avoid system. And humans are the only system accapted at the moment (regardles if recreational/commercial, manned/unmaned).

    But then every observer gets a RC transmitter and you don´t need high power...

    My concern is just that the systems in question lead to stunts like the one in NYC... Which I think we agree was not good for the hobby...


  • As a recreational flyer, I do not want (or need) much more than a 72Mhz system for LoS and if I need  to go further I do not see a problem with 27Mhz @ 25W.

    Now if you have few thousadn invested, yes go with top of the line. Not me though.

    Please understand that the rules in the USA for recreational use is far different from commercial use of sUAS.

    In fact, at the current time  commercial and Civil use in the USA is banned without FAA authorization (CoA etc.)

    Sense and avoid? None, it is "use observers" and "Give Right of Way".

  • Duane, in my opinion, going on 27.255 is not enough safe, because it's fixed frequency. Any interference sent on this frequency will hit the plane. Much better to use FHSS (Frequency-hopping spread spectrum), which changes its frequency many times among the band.

    Such systems as Dragon Link, Scherrer UHF use as far as I know 433-444 MHz band. It's much more safety. It's possible to fly 15-20 miles and farther with this systems.

    As for this RC Kit, it looks like Dragon Link, however, the price is twice lower. Nevertheless, who knows, maybe the quality is twice lower too?!

  • Long range ground control can be provided by this system.

    0 feet AGL is an area of operations free from the usual concerns.

    27 and 433Mhz are great in urban environments, reduced reflections, less like a beam of light. 

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