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Started to test T-Motor MN3110-17 700KV with 12X40 Tiger CF props for my new Y6 build, but my 30A simonk flashed ESC was getting so hot on 3S lipo and after trying 4S it got cooked. ESC32 was next in the test and performed well no heat and no problem running with this motor, but its too big to fit inside the center plates, looked around for something much smaller and Felix and Paul from had exactly what I was looking for.

It is small, even with the capacitor it's half the size of regular 20-30A esc, (now I'm thinking about using 20mm tubes and fitting esc inside)


Did few tests here and on 4S without any cooling it won't go over 20°C. 

Another cool feature is the Configurator (Google Chrome extension so it will run on any OS ,not mobile ) 

And the best feature is Spin Direction option so no more resoldering :)



Also if someone looking for experimenting with 3D copters, this esc will run in reversible mode with modified props.

Here is warthox going crazy as usual:


more info at and



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    Reversing the spin direction could also be useful to maintain yaw on a hexacopter with one failed motor.  It's only helpful though if you know that the opposite motor has failed and for that you probably need feedback from the ESCs to tell you something is wrong.

    Max, these don't have any way to provide feedback to the flight controller right?

  • 100KM

    Spin direction is new to me, who uses mainstream ESCs. Certainly useful! However a bit out of my budget for my planned micro quad.

  • @Mark Harrison: That is not a feature even worth mentioning since even BLheli has that and many normal ESC come with that function (like some Robbe ESC).

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    @Crashpilot1000,  Reverse ESC is nice because you can directly solder the motor leads to the ESC and reverse directions without resoldering.  In a tight wire configuration you can get the three motor leads flat without having one of the wires cross over the others.

  • Well the reverse ESC stuff is just a show off with no real flight advantage - technically it has only disadvantages (torture for motor/bearings, low eff. props, halved PWM range for flightcontrol/stabilization). But for those people who dig on that even SimonK has a firmware for that.

    So what makes these 41$ flyduino esc so outstanding? Regular 20A SimonK sell for 14$ (2S-4S), AutoQuad ESC32 clones (STM 32Bit, 30A) sell for 20$, I happily use Skywalker 20A (3S) 9$ flashed with blheli (with a similar GUI).

    Just presenting a few alternative ESC here.

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    @Ruddy Rudeman 


  • Very nice design! Is it an atmega? I was just looking for some escs to experiment with i2c encoder and true sinusoidal phasing, and these look like a good candidate.

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