Hobbyking today added this camera to their catalogue and it seems the perfect camera for FPV, an uncased version of the famous RD32 II. Do a search for it on youtube and you will find nothing then good videos. With a AV out for connecting it to the video transmitter or HDMI to connect it to your HDTV this camera is very complete.

Some of the heighlights of this camera are a 120 degree viewing angle and a 5 megapixel 1/2.5" CMOS sensor and a weight of about 89 grams. It accepts micro sd cards from 2 up to 32GB in size. It supports 720P @ 60fps and 1080p @ 30fps.

This video shows exactly what the camera is capable of:

Some of the specifications:
Lens: 5 Mega pixel 1/2.5”  CMOS sensor
Photo Resolution:
    12M  4000*3000   JPG    Approx. 900pcs/4GB
     8M   3200*2400   JPG    Approx. 1200pcs/4GB
     5M   2592*1944   JPG   Approx.  1700pcs/4GB
Audio recording: ADPCM WAV format 48Khz ,Mono  approx. 22h/4GB
Lens type: F/2.8  f=3mm 120°wide angle
Min. Illumination: 1LUX
Scanning Frequency: Auto, 60Hz, 50Hz
Signal system: NTSC, PAL
Vibration Support: Yes
Battery Capacity: 3.7V/ 1000mAh

For more information, features and specifications, go to Hobbyking: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=25656&aff=5361

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  • I've read that the camera actually takes still photographs during start and end of motion detect video recording . . . the motion detect function can be set for 10sec, 1min, 5min and 10min. . . . so camera may have crude time lapse function.

  • this is an other full HD camera : 

    More expensive but a little bit better and lighter

  • Wow... that's very light. Thanks for the heads up Mike!

  • For the high altitude folks ( balloons / rockets ) . . . uncased this unit only weights 40 grams.

  • No time lapse function with rd32 . . . my solution, run with video, later, pick and chose video frames with video editing software.

  • @CrashingDutchman . . . thanks for the manual link . . . much appreciated

  • The discussions on this unit on RCgroups have been quite positive re the quality. As an amateur, I can't tell difference between the gopro. I looked at the key ring cameras (#18?) and almost bought it but spotted some discussion re the 1080 not working properly.  Looks like we will only have to wait a few weeks and sub $50 1080 cameras will be readily available.

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    I agree that yours is a borderline case, and that you do add content. But it is a slippery slope that can easily get out of hand. But I will leave it at that, since it is not really my task to moderate the blogs. I just wanted to highlight the issue.

  • @John: I removed my previous post as I think it was a bit harsh.

    What I wanted to say is that might be a DIY forum, but also people opening new shops, people promoting new items they have in for their shops are posting here. Also, I have seen posts from moderators of diydrones.com posting with affiliate links. I think all these mentioned above have a commercial interest in their posts. Where do you draw the line.

    In the past I have been posting blogs that were a plain copy/paste from Hobbyking. I have tried to better my life. I now write a story, find additional information (for example youtube movies) about a product and when I find new information I add that to the comments.

    When Mike asked if it was possible to add a trigger for taking pictures I spend about half an hour looking for the manual to see what is possible and when I found one this morning (on the product page for this item), I added a link to it.

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    I think we will start seeing some very cool and even good quality cameras in the near future, now that the manufactures have started taking notice of the trend. Just look at the new JVC and Sony sport cameras.

    CrashingDutchman: Just a quick heads-up. It hasn't been mentioned lately, but affiliation links are considered bad taste in DIYd blogs. After all we all check the HK front page for new toys daily, so it isn't really news :)

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