Unedited FPV Proximity

A lot of people wanted to know what these proximity passes they see in our videos look like unedited, from top to bottom. So we went through the archives and dug up some we haven't shown yet, and made a quick video. Hope you like it:

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  • Jerry, thanks! lots of expo is the key. we have 80% on aileron usually. though we didn't go over half the roll rate on any of these maneuvers :)

    Telemetry is sent down via the 2.4GHz audio channel. Flight is done over 2.4GHz video channel. We're working on a RTH solution based on the APM2. RiSCyD (TBS member) has installed it and used it successfully already, the goal now is to teach the plane how to return of it flies behind montains, etc.

  • Intense!  How did you get you wing to be that responsive ?  I noticed the roll to the left to avoid a tree.   What frequency band do you use for telemetry ?     Also, does an autopilot kick in if you loose signal ?

    That's some great flying skills. 

  • Yeah sorry, not time. (and no aircraft nor controller). But keep up the good work I really like your videos always very nice flown & edited!

  • you are more than welcome to try. in the interest of safety, we only fly with highly proofed equipment in the way that you see in the video :)

  • :D, okay I see your point, but you see nothing is so good that it cannot be improved by a microcontroller :). However I would be curious if it really would work to improve yaw stability by an Airbrake controlled by a controller.

  • you call a controlled airbrake simple? :) we are KISS people - one thing goes wrong, it means a long walk. the yawing is not noticeable in flight. plenty of people have tried. nobody has come up with a solution so far that does not make the aircraft more complicated. we've been having a lot of fun with a little bit of yaw while others have built countless of planes and made countless of experiments - and will probably go back to what we fly with eventually :)

  • Do you have any plans to counteract that yaw stability issue?? I know that pretty much all flying wings suffer this lack of stability, but perhaps one could come up with a simple solution like an airbrake controlled by a D-controller or passive means?

  • any plane weighing 2kg travelling at 150 - 200kph through turbulence is going to get knocked around. look at 99% of the FPV "conventional aircraft designs", they have terrible roll stability or very bad elevator authority and return to level flight by themselves both on roll and on pitch. A wing, for the most part, flies like a dart, which gives the best feeling of flight. 

  • Hey,
    Great Video and great flight, however I always wondered: Why are you using a flying wing design and not a conventional aircraft design? Would a conventional fuselage not offer the advantage of having increased yaw stability? Because on most of your videos the poorly damped yaw oscillation is cleary visible. Or does the flying wing offer other features which are more advantagous to FPV flight?
    Thanks for your answer

  • The thing I like most on this video is the long duration clips. 

    Chopping and mixing camera angles to the beat of the music is "edgy" but this shows me what the view the pilot sees.  And for me, FPV is all about the virtual reality of having my consciousness being in the plane flying down the slope through the trees over the water.  Or under and around the Golden Gate Bridge.

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