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  • unless they were working for the airport..

  • Moderator
    I agree it looks like an aibotix

    More money than sense operating near an airport
  • looks like it

    starting at 25000€

  • It was probably Aibotix hexa.

  • UAVframes is building a quadversion


  • Yeah I know what it is, but I'm talking about the airframe. It looked real slick and I think of carbon fiber...
  • Developer

    Most likely controlled by video link. So while you now have a recording of the multicopter, they have a video of you filming them, filming it, filming.. ohh nevermind..

  • Nice though. Anyone seen this before?

  • Are yu serious sir? this is normal hexa multi rotor, maybe arducopter, mikrokopter, or another system it depends.

  • it was like hanging there for a few minutes, then flew back in the direction of the airport Schiphol in Holland. Couldnt see anyone standing anywhere controlling the thing!

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