Unofficial ArduPilot 2.2 Release

This version has many additions, including the support for three different GPS protocols (SIRF, NMEA and UBX) and can be added as many are possible.Has the well integration of the pressure sensor and battery level conversion with an offset for the ADC voltage to increase accuracy in the conversions.Has been debugged using the ArduPilot Shield. So it should be 100% compatible.The rest of the code stills the same as 2.1.To change the GPS protocol looks for this definition: “#define GPS_PROTOCOL“. Next to it I have included some commands for Locosys and SIRF GPS. So you can use them as needed (just trying to save you some time).The Ground Station now has the battery level indicator.This code is a just a Beta, demo, preview, not official release , I never air test it (use it at your own risk). The goal is that you can start digging into it and report any bugs before releasing the official version. We are only trying to involve more the community on this. ;-)Be advice is not easy!Other notes:When you power up the ArduPilot try to open the Terminal and see the message at the beginning saying something likes this:"Pressure offset: 205"You should go and place this value in the declaration of the air_speed_bias variable, like this:int air_speed_bias=205;In order to zero the airspeed sensor. All the pressure sensors have different values.I know "bias" is wrong. ;-)[UPDATE: I forgot to compile the EXE, sorry about that]
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  • Thanks Jordi, I'll have some software toys to platy with on the weekend then.
    best, Matt
  • Developer
    This Friday. Actually the code is ready but no the manual =).
  • Hi Chris,
    when will the Official 2.2 be released?
  • Click on the box lables I/O
  • Hello Jordi... howto set the com por in the groundstation?? Tanks!
  • Jordi
    Thanks from Earl. Here is a picture of an inexpensive plane (wing) to build for about $20 US. The smaller one I have flown already. The pink larger one is almost 7 feet !
    I will draw up plans if you think it would help UAV'ers.
  • Gracias , Jordi,
  • Developer
    uBlox is better at any angle you try to see it. You can use boring NMEA or you can use UBX (give you the climb rate if you need it and very accurate altitude at 4hz, you don't need more). UBX is better because it sends raw bytes, so the transmission payload is a lot more efficient. Another advantage is that it has build-in EEPROM, so you need to configure the unit once(using the ucenter software), and you are done (the settings remains forever). LOCOSYS and EM406 forget its settings after a while.

    I will post soon the tutorial to use uBlox GPS.
  • Developer
    Hello Eveybody i've upload the EXE version for the ground station.
  • That's why paparazzi uses UBX units. Are you messing with the configuration at all Jordi? Check out
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