Hi there, I updated the blog I wrote last week which showed how to make a cheap ($50) wireless fpv monitor. This week, I updated to show how to add droidplanner to this setup, and for me it cost zero extra cost. Should cost you about a dollar to make if you're inventive. (Total cost $51)

Update is at the bottom of the blog article. I'd be glad to hear of anyone who decides to build this for themselves.

Article here: http://dalybulge.blogspot.co.uk/

Happy flying :)

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  • Thanks! I'm willing to make a touchscreen monitor that runs droidplanner + 5.8ghz video on alternating channels. But I'm not willing to buy the parts just to blog the build as i'm ghetto broke right now due to a hexa build I blew all my funds on.

    I'm super excited about the ability to build an IPS fpv android monitor though, maybe Branson could slip me some research funds :)

  • I've been doing a lot of searching for someone, anyone, that had both an android tablet and FPV monitor mounted to their controller and this is the first time I've seen anything like it. Well played!

    I feel like the controller space is due for a makeover, kind of like the parrot skycontroller: http://blog.parrot.com/2014/05/12/introducing-parrot-skycontroller/

    Introducing Parrot Skycontroller - Parrot Blog
    Skycontroller: fly further, higher To benefit from a more powerful Wi-Fi connection, Parrot will offer the Skycontroller as an option for Bebop Drone…
  • holy-moly!!!

  • Now that DVD player sounds ghetto :) :) :)

  • Thanks! My current monitor is an old 7" DVD player that I re-purposed much like you've done. But it's really low res and the florescent back light it a power hog. This looks like the next step :)

  • hello. No not coarse, i'm easily able to pick out people kicking balls around on my football field from an altitude of 100m. It's not ips resolution, but it's not ips price.

  • Very nice! Been thinking about doing the same. I'm getting tired of lugging around a tripod. 

    What do you think of the resolution of the monitor? Do you find it visibly coarse when held at the distance one holds their radio?

  • Ghetto-Chic

  • :) Ghetto.

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