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Scott commented on crystal garris's blog post Techwing low and slow
"Very cool, looking forward to seeing this on kickstarter!"
Dec 9, 2014
Scott commented on F. C. Bearsch's blog post Rethinking the RC "Controller TX" - SuperMan FM Continued-
"Fabien, I like the fact that people are rethinking controllers but I do wish you would be a little more open.  The fact that the UAV scene is so vibrant has a lot to do with open source software and hardware and the reality is ideas are a dime a…"
Nov 5, 2014
Scott commented on benbojangles's blog post Update: DIY Ghetto 5.8g wireless monitor project + Droidplanner
"I've been doing a lot of searching for someone, anyone, that had both an android tablet and FPV monitor mounted to their controller and this is the first time I've seen anything like it. Well played!
I feel like the controller space is due for a…"
Nov 5, 2014