[Update] DroidPlanner v0.7.5

I added some neat features on DroidPlanner, so I'm posting an update. The new app (v0.7.5) is on Google Play.


The new version has the following updates ( v0.7.5 over v0.7.0):

  • Notifications using Text To speech, which are very helpful since you don't have to look at the screen. There are notifications for things like: Battery discharge, flight modes changes, GPS lock, waypoints...
  • Logging files are now compatible with Mission Planner, which means you have all the information from the telemetry for a post-flight analysis.
  • Improvements to the HUD layout, including new information like Battery capacity.

  • Fixed some bugs on the RC screen, and makes the virtual sticks work more similar to a real TX

Tablet Mount

As you may have noticed on the above picture I made a tablet mount on my TX. It was easy since I already had the tablet car/mount, so just a way to fix it to the radio was needed (done by an aluminum bar). A small modification to the TX was needed, but it was worth the effort. The 3DR telemetry dongle is held in the tablet using Velcro. Here is a picture from another angle.


This makes DroidPlanner a useful tool when flying with Ardupilot  especially with the voice notifications. On the top picture you can see a rotatory switch a had added to the radio for the Mode channel, it was a pain to keep track of what position mapped to which mode.

And as always if you want to help consider donating for the project by buying this app, joining the development team, or reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub. For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page. Or older posts on DiyDrones.

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  • Developer

    I would say open-source wonder :)

  • Technological wonder. :)

  • Developer

    There is probably a problem with the USB drivers in your device then, try looking at a CyanogenMod forum about this issue with the FT232R IC (the FTDI IC used in the 3DRobotics telemetry module).

  • Thanks for the quick response Arthur.

    I did try andropilot, same result (it won't connect). USB host check had to do a "fix" but now says my USB host mode should be working. I haven't had a chance to try a USB serial app, I will do that tomorrow.
    dmesg reports "unable to enumerate USB device" when I plug it in, is that normal?
  • Developer


    Can you try a USB serial app or andropilot? That way you can be sure if it's a problem with drivers.

    Does connecting something like a keyboard to the USB port work? Just to make sure the USB host mode works.

    Anyway you can always use the Wifi/TCP option on DroidPlanner, if you have a way to redirect the mavlink trafic trough TCP.

  • Anybody gotten DroidPlanner to work with a Kindle fire?  I have a first gen fire that I put CyanogenMod on.  I've seen some people have gotten USB host mode working so I guess it should be possible.  It almost works, the host radio connects and the Tx LED even flashes (somewhat randomly?) but it doesn't make DroidPlanner pop up and it won't connect if I start it manually.  Anybody have any suggestions?

  • Ok. Now that I think about it. Home should never be able to be set, if something goes wrong that location cannot change. Actually very safe.

  • Developer

    @Hennis de Klerk

    You can load the current home from the APM using the "Load from APM" menu. But changing the home position is blocked by the APM code, you can't do it even with Mission Planner.

  • Hi Arthur, Just playing around with some settings, is there a way to set new Home location on droidplanner?

  • Hennis, there seems some driver issue in this tab. Andropilot and DroidPlanner are not working even in PIPO S2, see this.

This reply was deleted.