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DroidPlanner has reached a milestone  (v1.0.0). For me at least, it can now be used as the only GCS when you are flying. Since this is why I started working on it I think we have reached the objective, and in the way I found a lot of nice people willing to help.


The update

If you follow the alpha versions you know we added a lot of good stuff to it. The new version has the following updates, probably the bold ones matter the most to you ( v1.0.0 over 0.14.2):

Droidplanner v1.0.0

  • No new changes to the code-base, just setting a milestone

Droidplanner v0.16.0

  • Bluetooth Support
  • Fixing layout problems with the Survey window

Droidplanner v0.15.0

  • New Waypoint Editor
  • New Survey Interface
  • Support for Physical Joysticks
  • Chinese Translation
  • Code Re-factoring
  • Minor fixes (please consult GIT history)




Since many users have requested Bluetooth support I loaned a Android Device with Bluetooth, and implemented the support (my tablet doesn't have it, that's why it took so long). 

I tested it with a RN-42 Bluetooth module bridged with a 3DR telemetry board with success. To use the feature just pair your device using android settings, and select Bluetooth in the DroidPlanner settings menu.

For more help go to the wiki at the following link:


Waypoint Editor

The new waypoint editor which is much easier to use, and support's almost every kind of waypoint. To use it just click on a waypoint on the map or list to open a dialog where you can change the waypoint settings.

We have gone to the trouble of doing a customized dialog for almost every waypoint kind, making it really easy to setup the parameters.


Interactive Survey planning

Now it's interactive, you can select your survey parameters and it will dynamically update the grid. Also a nice new feature is the option of showing the camera footprints on the ground.


More info

For more information I suggest the DroidPlanner Wiki page. And if you just want to know how to connect your APM board, or what android device you can use just follow the links. 

If you have questions about anything please ask them at the DroidPlanner forum, where others will be able to find them later.

And as always if you want to help consider making a donation via paypal, or by buying this app. If you want to help even more, consider joining the development team, or reporting a issue/bug/improvement on GitHub.

Thanks to everyone helping with the development (Just remembering a few of you: Aaron, Azrin, Brandon, Foxkid, J-DeMarco, Simon, Rob G )!

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  • MR60

    Jao, do you have a parts list and soldering schema to explain how to do this? Thx

  • With the hints from the last post on your topic on I
    made it to work, what I did was unpair every device was paired with my phone and now, after 5 months I finaly could connect to my copter using my phone throught the bluetooth bridge with the cheap rctimer bluetooth! AWESOME! you were right, there is something to be fixed because when there are some devices paired it's not going to the right one and not working! Thanx Arthur. Fica a dica!

    That white thing is only providing power to the radio+bluetooth.


  • Developer

    @João Victor Fortes Carvalho

    We are making that module work in a forum discussion, please look here:

    No success yet. I only tested it with a RN-42 Bluetooth module, that's why there is still some incompatibility.

    @Ground Loop

    If you could share a picture of that it would be nice :)

  • I've actually strapped a Nexus7 to my forearm and used it while flying. Very nice!

  • Awesome, The so waited bluetooth connection has just come, I am trying to make a bridge with rctimer bluetooth and their radio without success, I can connect with the bluetooth but no data transfer, Connect on app but later it says disconnect. Already changed baudrate, any tips?

  • Developer

    Hi Hugues could you redo your question in the forum? It's easier for people to find it there later, so I don't need to answer multiple times the same thing.

    The wiki is very poor as a user guide rigth now, because I didn't had the time to write it. Here is the issue for it.

    Please copy the following to the forum as well:

    to delete a waypoint

    Just slide the waypoint to the side on the waypoint list (slide from the bottom). 

    draw a zone/polygon

    Slide the survey dialog from the left, and select the polygon/mission button

  • MR60

    Arthur, I need some instructions I do not find on your wiki to delete a waypoint, to draw a zone/polygon in which to create a grid. I have tried everything,every menu in app but I am stuck. I use a Nexus7 with touchscreen, no keyboard nor mouse.

    Thx for help

  • Congrats arthur, i still remember when there was not mavlink hehehe you have brought it so far!

  • Congratulation for your great work!!! Thank you!

  • Developer

    @Andrew Pan 

    You can use a real joystick, that code has been added to v1.0.0 by Aaron. It has been tested with the wikipad, but other android joysticks should work as well. And if they don't we can always add support to them.


    I follow the open-source model, and it makes no sense to difficult the access to the app for people (since you would always be able to compile it from the source). If you feel like donation I have this link at paypal, any amount is appreciated.


    I think the problem was that the S2 device I used to test had a broken USB port :( . Please edit the wiki to correct my mistake.


    Thanks, but to be true the idea of the dynamic grid and camera footprint's wasn't my idea.Brandon had implemented it first  on MP, and asked me how could we do it on DP. Since we had already developed the code it was just a matter of making it dynamic, and adding the overlays at the right place.

    @Graham Pollock 

    I don't know, but if you could share more details we could find out :)

    Please go to the DroidPlanner forum, so we don't clutter u this post.

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