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The Sparkfun guys and we diagnosed the issue today. It was our fault--we had a version control problem with the Attiny code we sent them, and the bad news is that appears to have affected a total of 60-80 boards. For those of you affected, our apologies--we'll make this right. Here are your options: 1) The fastest way, if you have an AVR programmer, is just to reflash the chip with the updated code (hex file is here; full source code is here). Instructions are here. If you don't have an AVR programmer, but have always wanted one, this is your chance! The AVRISP2 is excellent, comes with the terrific AVR Studio software, and is cheap ($34) 2) If you don't have an AVR programmer, the solution is to return the boards to Sparkfun and they will reflash or replace them at no charge, testing to ensure that you have a working board. Just send an email to techsupport@sparkfun.com, who have been alerted and will help you with the process. All board shipped from today on will have the correct firmware, so this should be the end of the problem. Again, our apologies for the inconvenience and confusion. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has a working board as soon as possible, and Sparkfun has been great about responding quickly and making sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks for your support and understanding. [Update. If you have this problem and live in the LA area, Jordi has volunteered to come to your house and reflash the board himself, no charge. Just PM him. For those in the Bay Area, I'll do the same, although depending on where you live, we might have to meet at some mutually convenient location. For those in Europe, we might be able to match you with someone who lives near you and has an AVR programmer. Please post in the comments if you need that.]
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  • @ Nick sargeant

    Thanks Nick, I got one ordered up today. With a bit of luck it will arrive tomorrow and I can try my hand at the dreaded DIY, hopefully without bursting into tears! Good luck with yours by the way.
  • @ Mike

    Thanks Mike, I ordered one today by phone, very helpful sales tech. Just in case you order from them in the future, if you spend over 30 quid you get free postage!!
  • I beleive you could use this, it is only $22USD (plus delivery) and comes in kit form adding to the diy experience!
  • Jonny, if it's any help I ordered from www.rapidonline.com today - £26.95 plus £4.95 postage in UK. The site linked to in the blog didn't have them in stock.
  • @ sgt ric

    If you read all the posts you will see that I did not make the reference to "beta" tychock did, I'm sorry if what I said upset you but I was hellish frustrated and getting no answers that I could understand, If someone had said that an AVR programmer would be usefull to lets say add waypoints at some stage then cool, I did'nt buy these boards under any illusions, I aim to experiment that is why I bought forur in the first place, if I fu**-up with one i'l get it right with the next, if I fu** them all I'l buy more. What was completly A hole who works with computers telling me to dry my eyes, I fully appreciate all the effort put into this by Chris and jordi and look forward to more development, it is in my own interest after all they are beautiful looking boards, anyway you had the first gripe and then backpeddaled
  • Moderator
    I see where you are coming from now, and I certainly respect your accomplishments, but you did seem to be coming on kinda strong yesterday.

    Chris and Jordi have put their hearts and souls into this site and esp the Arduino projects, and they don't need to take any critizism over this speed bump.

    You have to admit that you did complain about the ArduPilot being a "beta" board, and that "you get what you pay for"!

    This is a remarkable board for $ 24.,

    People have been pushing constantly for it to be available ASAP, and I am sure that cuased a bit of stress for the guys..

    Chris has stated repeatedly that the software will be in perpetual transition, (I guess you could consider that beta), so a person should have been prepared with an AVR programmer even if this wrinkle hadn't happened.
  • Jordi

    I can understand how you feel, none of us get it right all the time and that video tutorial is awesome, just what I needed to get my head around the problem, Chris did try to explain but was talking way above my ability and understanding and i feel that this whole issue was blown out of proportion by some people that are in a fortunate position to rectify this easily, they are the ones with big fat mouths and should keep thier comments to themselves if they are so unwilling to offer anything constructive!
  • Jordi look on the bright side - it's a software issue and is easily solved! All part of the leaning process (commercial as well as technical). Presumably in future there will be updates that will require reprogramming anyway so no big deal.....
  • Developer
    I feel like a dog with the tail between his legs...
  • @Chris,
    i have 2 of these boards and have an AVR programmer but never flashed an avr before... :( i am in Turkey and if there are anyone else near me we can share my programmer and learn some flashing ... :) i am sure this way my Ardu pilots will be more DIY now... :) anyway thanks to you and Jordi.. you did a great job... this is a DIY platform and these problems may occur all the time... don't be too much sorry... :)
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