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[UPDATE: I posted the wrong version of the code before. If you downloaded it, please download it again and replace it with the new code. Servo output is fixed]


I've posted a new version of the APM 2.0 beta (2.012), which includes many bug fixes and a few new features:


--Airspeed sensor (shown) is now autodetected if present. It's no longer necessary to set this in the APM_Config.h file. Since the magnetometer and GPS sensors are also now autodetected, that means that for most users there is no reason to have to fiddle with configuration files at all.


--Xbee transmissions are now improved, as are MAVLink comms. Waypoint writing and reading should now be more reliable.


--The Mission Planner has been updated and improved (adds in-flight action commands and ability to restart mission)


--Update of the Happy Killmore GCS, which also improves in-flight commands.


Known issues in this build:


--Some in-flight mission commands are not yet implemented

--Restart mission may not work

--MediaTek lock may not be detected after a cold start. Reset the board to do a warm start, after which lock should be fine.


We're planning on keeping APM in beta until after the Sparkfun AVC competition later this month, which should be a good test and opportunity to really wring it out. If all goes well, we expect to release APM 2.0 as final code around the end of the month.


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  • I updated to 1.0.48 and my Google Earth HOME icon went from yellow to black.  How do I change the ICON color back to its original color of yellow?



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    Peter: You should be able to control the throttle in Stabilize mode.
  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your help.  The problem of plane turning to the right then crashes is gone.  Now I see that throttle is reduced in Stabilized mode, so the plane is actually losing altitude in Stabilize mode.  Is that usually the case?  I'm trying waypoint mode next.  Thank you again! ;)

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    Peter, that probably means that you need to change some of the DIP switches on APM. Try moving the pitch and yaw (elevator and rudder) switches to the up positions, with the others in down.
  • I'm on to HILSIM setup, now I can fly the plane with my R/C TX.  But I need to check all reverse buttons in Mission Planner.  When I switched to Stabilize or RTL, the plane just nose dived and crashed.  I haven't changed the gains and I fly Cessna in XPlane.  I did reset, radio on APM before start HILSIM.  All the data in Mission Planner are filled correctly (GPS, IMU, etc..)

    I use APM 2.012 with the latest Mission Planner.

    Please help.

  • Hi Michael,


    Works like a charm.  Now I'm on to HILSIM setup.  Thank you. :)

  • Developer

    Have you done an erase, reset and radio setup?

  • I have the same problem with Ole that APM does not seem to drive servo in Stabilize mode.  And I changed Arduino preference to be like Ole's in previous post but it doesn't seem to work.  Everything else seems to be working fine.  But when I do modeswitch from manual to stabilize, APM does not drive the servos..  Anyone has a workaround to fix this?


  • Now that weather is more normal here I'm gonna launch with the new codebase. Just want a few things clarifying as my code is "old" and quite a bit has changed.

    I no longer have to put in my defines for the basic setup (magnetometer, airspeed, gps etc). True or False.

    My stand v1 defines file is pretty extensive so everylittle helps :D

    Using Mr Oborne's lovely mission planner are the planned mission waypoints using above launch or absolute. This is fairly crucial as flying area is 2,640m so it will dive pretty hard if I get it wrong. I read on a post that is was doing above sea level for some reason and thought its worth a check. Above Launch or Above Sea?

    I'm considering using the automatic take off and landing soon. Any tips?

  • if it means anything i did upload the mission using happy gilmore not the mission planner
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