USA Trip Canceled

I just saw on the youtube that Trent has canceled the USA Trip, after a tip stall and bad crash. For me this can show and teach many things who are out there and see this as a simple job to do. When people see a UAS flying, they think they can start a business easily out of it or start flying like a pro. 

When you start flying constantly and frequently, problems start to appear and this is a great example. For me it was a big attempt and a good lecture. I appreciate Trent for his afford and his attempt. I encourage  him to start a blog post about the problems he had and lectures he had taken. Good job Trent. 

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  • Trent,

    As I have mentioned earlier, sorry for the cancelled USA Trip but issue remains. Paid for banner advertisement was never fulfilled. Permanent banner with link advertisement month and half later still not there.

    Could you please contact me and resolve it?



  • I am at the sparkfun Avc this weekend if your near.

    uphiearl 505 620 9602

  • Trent,

    When things doesn't go as planned, it's time to return to base, learn from the mistakes and try again. You have lost a battle, not the war.

  • Write it 100 times in the desert sand near the last crash site: "Ardupilot is the the best and flawless autopilot in the world." Then start over with an autopilot system that actually works and your trip will be a success.

  • Hi Trent,

    i am from austria. If you would 've done it in my country, you (nearly) would have finished your mission ;) so you 've just born in the wrong place. But it was very nice watching. Keep on. All the best.

  • Trent, publish your log files so we can review.  The greater DIYDrones intelligence will find the answers

  • I would like to see you succeed in you mission. Take a step back review what you have learned and plan your continued flights accordingly. Remember flight planning  and check lists are important. Modify your checklists as you learn and move on.... 

  • As others said: lost the battle but not the war; contine Trent; when you cross the continent east west, them try noth to south and visit us in Argentine :) , you can.

  • Trent, you are only 235 miles from me. a 3 hour drive. i will reequip you to continue on. Abq is nice this time of year. the x8 wing with motor and esc awaits you.


  • We should make it a copetition. "Cross the Continent with your rc model."
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