Using Intel Aero with UgCS


Intel Aero is a cool little drone for developers that can be configured for various tasks and applications.

Due to it's versatility it's also possible to use it with UgCS. In this guide we will explain how.

1. Install latest firmware on vehicle. We did our tests on version 1.6.1. Prepare vehicle to flight according vehicle manual and make some flights in manual mode with RC to make sure everything works ok.

2. Install UgCS with "Support PX4 Vehicles" option selected.


3. We will connect UgCS to vehicle via WiFi AP provided by Aero. So first of all we need to connect our computer to Aero WiFi.  Next, go to vsm-px4.conf file in your UgCS configuration folder and change udp_in local port setting to 14550. 14550 - is the port where IA broadcasts heartbeats and telemetry.

# UDP ports which will listen for incoming mavlink messages.
connection.udp_in.1.local_port = 14550

After config changing (re)start UgCS. You should see your Intel Aero as a common PX4 vehicle.


You can now create\upload routes to Intel Aero and use it as common PX4 vehicle in UgCS.


Video setup

Firmware version 1.6.1 provides video streaming capabilities with Camera Streaming Daemon (CSD) which is automatically started on board of IA.

So IA has 5 video streams which we can try to display with help of UgCS Video Service. To do this you should add the following lines to vstreamer.conf:



If you have any further questions about connecting Intel Aero to UgCS, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Get the newest version of UgCS from our site here:

Safe flights,
UgCS Team

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  • Nice hardware, but appears to be LOTS of issues with the Intel Aero...IBM-PC and MS Windows deja vu...I

    ll wait for version 10.0...

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