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Hi guys,

I bought this little (cheap) GPS module months ago from an indigogo project. I have since received my GPS and was having troubles interfacing it to my APM 2.5.2. I was simply trying to output the serial data into the APM, not porting APM to the skytraq chip.

Here is where I posted my question, The guys here are very helpful with the info I needed.

It seems that all I needed to do was connect the TXD1 pin (navspark) to the RX pin on the GPS socket (APM) GND to GND and Battery (in) to the 5v output from the GPS socket. Then change the output of the Navspark to 5hz.

I don't know if there is any benefit to running a Navspark over a Ublox, or weather the APM is geared to accept the Beidou sat signals. 

If I have provided any wrong information or if you could provide further info, please let me know in comments below.


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  • Hi John Hanson!
    I want to buy the "SUP800F GPS ANTENNA MODULE + 7-DOF IMU," but I'm not sure if it will work better than the 3DR GPS U-Blox LEA-6H.

    Another thing is, I do not know if modification require any software to use the "SUP800F GPS ANTENNA MODULE 7-DOF IMU +" ..

  • At that price the possibility of having 2 or 3 connected to the Pixhawk and therefore having multiple redundancy in sensors becomes real.

    So the next question I guess would be for the developers, can we hook multiple  GPS and 7-DOF IMU  to the Pixhawk?

  • With the latest 3DR gps/compass unit I average between 7 and 9 satellites with HDOP around 1.8-2.0.  Late afternoon/early evening I often don't bother trying to fly as the HDOP usually hovers around 220-240 and I don't want to override the default 2.00 safety.

    My first attempt at attaching Navspark-GL (GPS+GLASNOSS) to pixhawk gives me 16 satellites and an HDOP from 0.6 to 1.0.  Remarkable for a $25 unit!  And because it's arduino style programming with loads of IO pins I can hopefully now merge the pixhawk->x8r->taranis telemetry function which I'm currently doing on a separate teensy board.

    I wonder if Ardupilot related projects like Mission Planner or DroidPlanner could detect if they are connected to the internet and then if so use AGPS for faster/more accurate lock.

    Also, what might be really interesting to Ardubods is that they are about to start selling an integrated GPS and 7-DOF IMU for $37.50:

    And maybe even more interesting is a RAW module for RTKLIB (1cm accuracy) for $25:

    SUP800F GPS Antenna Module + 7-DOF IMU
  • This is really cool at $25! Just got mine, let it run inside my basement for a while and now have 5-7 gps sata and 11-13 Glonass. I have seen hdop as low as 1.20 a record for me inside. It seems to take longer to acquire than the Ublox, though, but I have not been outside yet.

    This is a lot more than a dumb gps, though. It has a complete arduino and usb- it should lend itself to countless great apps.

  • I havent had a chance to take it outside yet, its been raining here throughout the week. I will check back when I have run some tests. FYI, I'm running it in single mode, not RTK. And mine is GPS + BD, I dont know if APM is working with BD tho....

  • Developer

    John, I got mine Friday. Two raw mode units setup in west window running in Single mode. Setup for DGPS/DGNS. Working through RTKLIB v2.4.2 setup and options. Only getting 50 SNR (dbHz) for best GPS sats, Seams weak compared to ublox LEA-5H but I am just started No other systems sat detected? Lots to read and setup.

  • Have x2 each of the glonass and raw versions, and am trying to get rtklib working with them for some rtk diff, would be nice to use one with rtk correction as primary and my lea6 as backup.

  • I haven't tried mine yet but this GPS also support Glonass (or the Chinese equivalent depending on the model), so this could get you some nice precision.

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    How many satellites are you able to acquire with this GPS module?

    In the late afternoon or early evening here in Southern Florida I am able to acquire about 12 satellites with my uBlox LEA-6 with an HDOP of 1.6 or less while stationary in my single story house. The performance of the uBlox LEA-6 is pretty good considering it is less than a $100 USD.

    Outside during the day I am able to acquire anywhere from 10-12 satellites with an HDOP as low as 1.2 on occasion.


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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