I have measured very good Zaccel vibrations with this mounting system. It consists of a suspended acrylic base plate (3mm thick) on which a silicon pad (6mm thick) is placed. The APM case is placed on it with a little pressure from a velcro band.

The O-rings go through holes on each corner of the acrylic plate and are attached to the black nylon spacers. In order to avoid that the o-rings would move up/down the nylon spacers, I used flat metal nuts to block the o-ring (it is screwed between the first 10mm spacer and the bigger 30mm spacer).

The acrylic plate is suspended about 2mm above the fiberglass mounting plate. In order to shield the EMI interferences that could come from the PDB/ESCs, I added special EMI tape on this bottom fiberglass plate.

I show below the obtained results with motors 100% throttle:


This AccelZ measurement in the logs show an average of maximum 0.5g deviation, which is I guess quite good!

Other pictures:





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    @LTMNO, yes it is an EMI shield (sorry for a year old late answer)

  • Just a question, is the grey cable covers, a shield?

  • I wonder if it would work to sandwich the FC between earplugs.
    So 4 underneath on wich the FC is sitting and then 4 on top pressing down on it from the battery tray above (no not used for a battery, just for protection purposes), so it is sandwiched between them.
    Not sure if that is better or worse than just the 4 underneath.
    Any ideas?
    Did a test today, hot glue and superglue both stick then down nicely.
    So I give hotglue a go since I can remove it without a trace, while superglue is pretty permanent.
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    I have modified still the anti vibration " APM mount" and I think I have found my definitve setup. Here is an accelZ result in flight with UNBALANCED props and motors:



    another one:


    I replaced the four silicon pads under the APM by "ear plugs" pads (i just cut ear plugs in two otherwise it is to thick) and I press down the APM on them with a simple rubber band (much more elastic than the other rubber strap I used previously).

    Here a picture of the setup:


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    Yeas this looks very good indeed and similar to what I have purchased at Sertim. Sertim is only interessant for Europeans (like me). If you live in the US you'd better find a more local reseller indeed.

    Do not forget the blog post of Maxbotix if you use a sonar : your shield cable between the sonar and APM should be shielded of course, but further the metallic part inside the shrink tube should be grounded on the side of APM.

    I wil post a blog shortly about what I did to shield the sonar against EMI (it looks like a McGyver solution but it works !)


  • The SERTIM place wants $18 + international shipping for the minimum order of a 1.2m cable. So I found this after a lot of searching, the key word is Shrink Shield. Only $11 for 48 inches!

  • MR60

    The product references for the EMI cable wraps are:

    -Z SST (then you have different diameters)

    What you see glued on the bottom plate is :

    -ZIPMESH 25mm Al (shields APM from PDB radiations)

  • Great news, I too will be ordering some of this wire business to try out.


    I've just got my hands on some very weird looking silicon based... errrrr,  gloop?! that is so far proving very good at soaking up vibes, so next up softer cables are under investigation!




  • Hugues, thanks! Good find.

    Can you point me to what exactly you purchased from Sertim?

  • MR60

    Graph in flight corresponds to my post more or less. I can't post any new ones for now since I have crashed and broke two propellers thanks to this stupid collet mounting system |@@##.

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