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  • @Kryzsztof: That NASA report says that less than 0.1% remains above 49 km. That sounds pretty close to vacuum of space.
  • ...well I too thought of going to space with a drone but you already did it ... awesome... this is one for the grand childs of your kids ... whowewhooo!
  • Wasn't space 50k feet less than 100 years ago? Then they moved it to 50 miles. Now it's 62. Balloons reach what is commonly called "The edge of space" by the various groups. I like that title better.
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    NASA flies up to around 50km
    Google man, google!
  • Okay. Got it. Just another 42 miles to get to space, in the legal sense, that is. So, I guess it's not doable with a balloon, eh?
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    "Just how thin does the atmosphere have to be?"
    At least as thin so that buoyancy effects and aeorodynamics effect become completely negligible against forces of inertia, gravity and elecctromagentism for all analysis of movement of given aircraft.

    Now legals:
    The Kármán line lies at an altitude of 100 kilometres (62 mi) above the Earth's sea level, and is commonly used to define the boundary between the Earth's atmosphere and outer space.[2] This definition is accepted by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).
  • What is the definition of _space_ anyway? Gary's link for the GPS Boomerang shows that when it is dropped from 20 km, that the air is so thin, that it has to freefall till it reaches 12 km where the atmosphere can allow the Boomerang to glide. Just how thin does the atmosphere have to be?
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    Yes I know your right Chris, but the story with his sons was lovely I thought. Its still a cool thing to do! The iphone had very little to do with it as well!
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    Once again giving false title is the best to get attention.
    This is not space, as without atmosphere, the balloon would not lift, and when there is atmosphere, it is not space at all.
    Yet another balloon stratospheric ballon project (ca 100/year) this time with excellent media coverage.
  • This is so COOL ;D
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