VIdeo: Arducopter 2.0.40 in wind

I´d like to share this video with you all. partly to brag about how good I am getting at flying the quad and partly to show how it behaves in a stiff(-ish) and rather turbulent wind. More info in the text on youtube

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  • 15 mph is a little more impressive than 5 mph :)

  • Correction, the wind was around 7 m/s or 15 mph 


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    Hello Bjorn,


    That looks great, I have to add a camera to my copter some time soon! I have not used RTL in the ltest code but it is great to see it coming home when you "might" just have sent it a little to far away from you..... not that I would you understand :)





  • I had it in loiter mode at altitude. I was going to download the log in order to time and annotate the mode shifts but the "black box" was empty when i hooked up the CLI. Have no idea why? It would have been much more informative to have the mode  switches indicated.

    I had to help the quad hold position in loiter because of the wind which was around 5-7 mph. at one time I held the pitch all the way forward.

    The camera is attached on top making it even more wind sensitive and a bit top-heavy. I guess a streamlined "hull" or some kind of dome over the electronics cage would help a lot

    RTL and waypoint tests are on the flight schedule :D

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    Nice video.


    I'd like to see some other flight modes as well like loiter, RTL, waypoints...

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