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  • I know that place. It is Plons close to Sargans in Switzerland.

  • Jason Jarvis, the Road Trip series wasn't specifically aimed at FPV pilots. it all depends on the audience. compare the average viewcount of the road trip videos with the one I just posted ;)

  • GoPro Hero 2 on our "TBS GoPro Mount" - nothing fancy ;)

  • What's the camera/gimble on this rig?

  • Music aside, I much prefer the 'grass-roots' style of video that made you famous Trappy, much like this Beautiful Day post, elevator music overlaid on a visual feast of supreme RC piloting. I could watch these types all day (winter wonderland, 'Horn etc..)

    Good job mate, keep 'm coming.

  • The last I heard Brian Eno was making iphone instruments.

  • We have Brian Eno to thank for the roots of elevator music. ;-)

  • @David M Eno: I think Brian Eno was influenced by Techno, but he was supposed to be the creator of Ambient Music, whatever that means. Even if you were related, your tastes might not be the same as your brother's, but either way, you still have a right to your own tastes.

  • Sorry no relation.  Anyway didn't Brian Eno create techno ? 

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