Video Like a TBS Discovery Pro

Hello All,


As promised, here is the first flight with my gimbal adapted to TBS Discovery :


Remember my last post :


As you can see the result is perfect, why invest in an expensive TBS Discovery Pro, upgrade your Discovery !!!


If you are interested I'll see to make a small production.

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  • Nice Video, more photo / video details on gimbal installation it wud be great! :D

  • Very nice video !!! Thank you Good Job !!

  • Great vid and location.

    How did you end up mounting the gimbal? would you mind posing some photos?

  • Col des Aravis, French Alps !

  • beautiful location! where is this?


  • Really nice video Polak74, looks like your gimbal is working very well.

  • Beautiful place, and awesome results !

  • awesome video!!! Keep up the good work.

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